Technoglobal Teams with Chinese Partner to Offer Biometric Counter-terror Solutions for Security,,,


2017/4/5 16:00

TOKYO, Apr. 5, 2017 /Kyodo JBN/

Technoglobal Inc.

Technoglobal Teams with Chinese Partner to Offer Biometric Counter-terror Solutions for Security at International Airports

Technoglobal Inc. based in Tokyo has teamed with Super Finger Intelligence Technology Development (Shanghai) Ltd. to start advanced security business mainly based on its fingerprint authentication technology, offering counter-terror solutions at airports all over the world based on biometric recognition of body parts such as the face, iris and finger veins in alliance with not only fingerprint authentication providers but also one of the world's largest private military/security companies.

Using advanced technologies such as NFC and RFID, it offers end-to-end turnkey solutions ranging from system research to full implementation and training, and enhances collaboration with security/technology solution providers.

About Technoglobal

The company offers security and safety to the world. Since its establishment in 1955, it has kept being a leader in Japan's fingerprint authentication industry and offers advanced production of fingerprint-related systems as well as development and consultation of authentication systems. The company seeks global development not only in China but also in Western countries.

Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo

CEO: Taketoshi Kashiwabara

Technoglobal webpage:

About Super Finger Intelligence Technology Development (Shanghai) Ltd.

Responding to security demand in the growing mobile market in China, the company, listed on the Shanghai over-the-counter market as a Chinese fingerprint authentication provider, makes its own fingerprint chips and offers solutions in compliance with demand in the market, working with other providers of PC/network security, room entry control systems, IC cards, internet authentication servers and others.






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