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【サンフランシスコ(米カリフォルニア州)2013年4月2日PRN=共同JBN】特定の疾患と症状の電子医療記録/電子健康記録(EMR/EHR)と患者登録ソフトウエア・ソリューションを開発している有力企業GZS, Inc.は2日、新しいブランド名HemaGlobal(商標)で使われる患者登録ソリューションWebTracker-Hemophilia(商標)EHRを世界的にリリースすると発表した。

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GZS, Inc.のダン・デイビス最高経営責任者(CEO)は「米国における出血性障害向けに、手ごろな価格のEHR患者登録ソリューションを開発するために医師や大学と数年間緊密に協力した結果、われわれは世界のほかの国にも当社の成果を広げ、このような症例に対する理解を真にグローバル化することができて非常に喜んでいる。われわれは世界のEHR患者登録アプリケーションをアップグレードし、標準化することを支援してくれる業界を見いだして幸運である」と語った。

米国における血友病治療センター(CDC)のコンソーシアムは、CDCユニバーサルデータコレクション(UDC)、母子健康向け血友病データセット(MCHB)、Healthy People 2020 アウトカム、米食品医薬品局(FDA)に対する有害事象報告など、調査リポートを作成、提出する全国的な情報インフラストラクチャーとしてEHR患者登録システムを利用する。

HemaGlobal は広範な出血性障害および凝固障害をカバーしており、その中にはフォンウィルブランド病、無フィブリノゲン血症、グランツマン血小板無力症、ベルナール・スーリエ症候群、血友病、その他因子による欠乏症が含まれる。

HemaGlobalは標準化された命名法を使って、血友病治療センターは細部にわたる患者の情報を容易に整理、分析、管理することができる。HemaGlobalは確実かつタイムリーなデータ交換によって、医師は専門分野のチーム一人一人が患者の情報を共有する際、伝統的なIT および手続き上の障壁をなくすことができる。


米疾病予防管理センター(CDC)は1980年代初め、サンフランシスコをAIDSまん延の「Ground Zero(爆心地もしくは中心地)」と表現した。GZSは「Ground Zero Software」名を取り入れ、1993年に同社初の電子医療記録(EMR)であるHIV向けLab Tracker(商標、注参照)を発売した。




(注)Lab Tracker-HIVは2009年12月、 Virco Labs, Inc.(現在はJanssen Diagnostics)によって取得された。

HemaGlobal(商標)およびHemaGlobal(同)はGround Zero Software, Inc. の登録商標である。


John Hollis

GZS Corporate Communications




ソース:GZS, Inc.

GZS Announces Worldwide Release of Hemaglobal(TM) EHR Patient Registry Solution for Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders



    WebTracker-Hemophilia Software Used as the National Information

  Infrastructure Given New Brand Name HemaGlobal for Overseas Markets

GZS, Inc., a leader in developing disease-specific and condition-specific

Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records (EMR/EHR) and patient

registry software solutions, has announced the worldwide release of the

WebTracker-Hemophilia(TM) EHR patient registry solution used under the new

brand name HemaGlobal(TM).

(Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20130402/LA86901LOGO )

With the release of HemaGlobal, outcomes studies can be conducted on a global

scale for the first time.  The EMR/EHR patient registry system is used by

virtually all Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTC) in the U.S. to treat patients

with bleeding and clotting disorders and to report high quality de-identified

patient data to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

HemaGlobal is a full-purpose EMR/EHR patient registry system that serves as a

stable, scalable platform for integrating data from multiple sources, such as

from pharmacies, laboratories, clinics and record archives, and in industry

standard formats, including popular front-office applications and mainframe

applications with HL-7 interface connectivity.  

HemaGlobal is an ultra-secure web-based solution that can be used on the

worldwide web or private intranets, and is intended for government agencies,

ministries of health, non-government organizations, universities, treatment

centers and healthcare providers throughout the world.

"After years of working closely with physicians and universities to develop a

robust EHR patient registry solution for bleeding disorders here in the U.S.,

we are pleased and excited to extend our success to the rest of the world and

truly globalize our understanding of this condition," said Dan Davis, Chief

Executive Officer of GZS, Inc.  "We are fortunate that we have found industry

to be supportive of efforts to upgrade and standardize on global EHR patient

registry applications."

The U.S. consortium of Hemophilia Treatment Centers use the EHR patient

registry system as the national information infrastructure for creating and

submitting surveillance reports for the CDC's Universal Data Collection (UDC),

the Hemophilia Data Set to Maternal and Child Health (MCHB), Healthy People

2020 outcomes and adverse-event reports to the U.S. Food and Drug

Administration (FDA).

HemaGlobal covers a large spectrum of bleeding and clotting disorders,

including von Willebrand disease, congenital afibrinogenemia, Glanzmann's

thrombasthenia, Bernard-Soulier syndrome, hemophilia and other factor


HemaGlobal makes it easy for hemophilia treatment centers to organize, analyze

and manage patient information in detail using standardized nomenclature.  It

establishes a secure and timely data exchange that enables physicians to

eliminate traditional IT and procedural bottlenecks as they share patient

information with multi-disciplinary team members.  The user interface is

intuitive and requires little more than basic computing skills.

About GZS

In the early 1980s, the CDC referred to San Francisco as "Ground Zero" in the

AIDS epidemic. We embraced the name "Ground Zero Software" and launched *Lab

Tracker(TM) for HIV, our first Electronic Medical Record (EMR), in 1993.

Since then, GZS has been a pioneer and leader in developing disease-specific

and condition-specific EMR/EHR patient registry software solutions to the

worldwide healthcare industry.  The company's current product offerings are

specific to Hemophilia and bleeding disorders, Spina Bifida, and are readily

adapted to other diseases and conditions.  GZS has a large customer base of

universities, government and non-government organizations, pharmaceutical,

diagnostics, and healthcare providers of all sizes in the U.S., South America

and Africa.



*Lab Tracker-HIV was acquired by Virco Labs, Inc. (now Janssen Diagnostics,

Inc.) in December, 2009

HemaGlobal(TM) and HemoGlobal(TM) are registered trademarks of Ground Zero

Software, Inc.

For more information:

John Hollis

GZS Corporate Communications