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LE LOCLE, Switzerland

2013: In keeping with its tradition, Zenith continues to innovate


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Zenithが主張できるブランド独自性、それは本物であること、最高品質、情熱、自由な精神だ。これらはすべて、その卓越さやスタンスを示す表現であり、高い基準と技術品質、そして感動を意味する言葉でもある。それらはまた、新しい国際マーケティングキャンペーン、オンライン活動、世界最大の時計・宝飾展示会 「Baselworld 2013」での新設ブースといった形で現れてきている。




Zenithを象徴する品質の高さと、その新しいコンプリケーション (機械式複雑時計) の総称) は時計製造技術の限界をさらに推し進めるものである。これは、今も変わらない革新の精神に根ざしている。Zenithは、夢の実現を求める人たちの友として自らを提示している。Zenithの時計は、自分の星を追い求める人々にとって自分の分身的存在なのだ。

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Source: Zenith

Zenith Forever Comtemplating Daring Vistas


LE LOCLE, Switzerland, May. 3, 2013 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

     2013: In Keeping With Its Tradition, Zenith Continues To Innovate

    When Georges Favre-Jacot started his watchmaking company in 1865, he was

already convinced that emotion arises from a combination of daring and

authenticity. Later, to suggest that his brand offered the ultimate in

expertise and high standards, he renamed the company after the highest point in

the sky: Zenith.

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    As an integral part of a brand's heritage, values enable the brand to

construct a "moral framework," a guideline that underlies all of its external

and internal discourse. Zenith's values have always clearly shown through in

its decisions, actions, and collections.

    Zenith can assert its brand identity: authentic, high-end, passionate and

free-spirited. All these are descriptions that bespeak excellence and attitude,

words that imply high standards and technical quality, but also emotion, and

that are being translated into a new international marketing campaign, a new

online presence, and a new booth at Baselworld 2013.

    A new image means a new marketing campaign

    The new Zenith campaign is an invitation to escape from routine. Featuring

free, wide-open spaces, each seeming to reveal a mechanical or aesthetic

detail, it vividly testifies that, for Zenith, excellence sparks daring. It

pays tribute to the reaffirmed brand values: the authenticity of its

watchmaking expertise; the bold daring of its enterprising spirit; and the

unique pleasure of the timepieces it makes.

    The admirable complexity of the movements and the aesthetic appeal of its

watches are revealed within scenery imbued with a sense of freedom. The images

selected for the new press advertising campaign evoke dreams, emotions,

sustainability, creativity, freedom, aestheticism and independence. They convey

both the brand's history and its current news. Inspired by the daring that has

always been part of the soul of the Manufacture, they hint that there are still

many conquests to make, horizons to be explored and dreams to be fulfilled.

    Iconic calibres and new complications further pushing the boundaries of

watchmaking expertise stem from a visionary spirit that has remained intact.

Zenith presents itself as a companion of all those wishing to make their dreams

come true. Its timepieces will be the alter egos of those who have chosen to

follow their own star.

    CONTACT: Maud Tiberti

             International PR Manager


             Branch of LVMH Swiss Manufactures SA

             Rue des Billodes 34

             CH-2400 Le Locle


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    SOURCE: Zenith