Baselworld 2014 Opening Ceremony


Baselworld 2014 Opening Ceremony


BASEL, Switzerland, Mar. 27 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

    - Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer opens the world's most important

exhibition for watches and jewellery, Baselworld 2014, in Basel.

    Baselworld 2014 is the event of the year for the watchmaking and jewellery

industry. Today, at precisely 11:00, the Baselworld show was opened by Federal

Councillor Ueli Maurer, Member of the Cantonal Council of Basel-Stadt Christoph

Brutschin and prominent representatives from the watchmaking and jewellery

industry. Around 100,000 visitors and over 3,500 journalists from all over the

world are expected to attend this year's event. This year, just like every

other year, there are many highlights at Baselworld. With their luxurious and

sometimes spectacular presentations, the 1,400 exhibitors will ensure that

their pavilions showcase highlights every day, almost round the clock.

Baselworld 2014, which is also open to the general public, runs from 27 March

to 3 April 2014.

    Over the years, Baselworld has evolved into a superlative event. For the

watchmaking and jewellery industry, Baselworld has become an indispensable

platform for the latest products and innovations. The pavilions, which were

specially designed for the event, are exceptionally elegant and convey to

visitors the luxurious and perfectionist world of the watch and jewellery

brands. For the media, too, Baselworld has become a key date in the calendar in

recent decades. Baselworld is regularly attended by over 3,500 accredited

journalists from almost every country in the world.

    Federal Councillor Maurer praises the Swiss watchmaking industry

    In a lively and interesting address before around 400 guests from the

worlds of politics and business, Federal Councillor Maurer praised Baselworld

as a contemporary continuation of an ancient cultural tradition as well as a

modern interpretation of the eternal human enjoyment of the arts and beauty.

    He was proud and delighted to open such a significant show in Switzerland,

saying it was proof of the country's attractiveness. As an independent country,

Switzerland is in a position to find its own customised solutions, and it is

this independence and the associated free-state political order that has

enabled our great prosperity. Another key prerequisite for the

unabatedattractiveness of Switzerland, said Mr Maurer, is its national defence

which enables thelong-term stable and safe conditions within which the

population as well as the economy can flourish freely.

    Basel wouldn't be the same without Baselworld

    "Basel without Baselworld is something I simply can't imagine," said

Basel-Stadt Cantonal Council Member, Christoph Brutschin. Baselworld, with its

decades of history, has become an integral part of Basel. Business, culture and

society in Basel and the surrounding area also benefit from this event, with

its enormous international standing. "Baselworld has been and continues to be a

positive and effective showcase for our city and the region," stressed Mr


    Lifestyle sector on the rise

    Baselworld is in turn expecting a trend towards lifestyle at its 2014 show.

Over the last decade, watch and jewellery brands have become an important

barometer for the lifestyle sector. Even fashion designers, industry designers

and marketing experts from a highly diverse range of industries are

increasingly finding inspiration at this superlative event. The pavilions and

presentations are often designed and staged by world-famous architects.

Celebrities from all over the world stroll through the exhibition's over 30

kilometres of extensive walkways. As for what makes Baselworld so appealing,

Sylvie Ritter, its Managing Director, summed it up by saying: "We have an

outstanding product with the world's most prominent brands under one roof."

    Industry appears optimistic

    The president of the exhibitors' committee, Jacques J. Duchene, seems

optimistic with regard to the future of the sector. "We are generally in a good

position as an industry and have the forward-looking markets clearly in our

sights," he says. Baselworld is traditionally an important meeting point for

the industry. Buyers of watches and jewellery, the most prominent brands and a

perfectly developed infrastructure are all to be found in Basel. "And what's

more - nowhere else in the world will you find the most important watch brands,

jewellery and precious stones under one roof," adds Mr Duchene.

    Baselworld Media Service