BioSpain 2014参加者の82%が現実のビジネス機会を発見


2014/11/13 10:10

BioSpain 2014参加者の82%が現実のビジネス機会を発見

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【マドリード2014年11月12日PRN=共同通信JBN】スペインで開催される主要なバイオテクノロジー会議であり、世界最大のバイオテクノロジー会議の1つである第7回国際バイオテクノロジー会議のBioSpain 2014( )は9月24日か26日までサンティアゴ・デ・コンポステラ(アコルーニャ)のPalacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Galicia(ガリシアカンファレンスセンター)で開催された。スペインバイオインダストリー協会(ASEBIO)の主催で2年ごとに開かれるこの会議にはガリシア州自治政府、サンティアゴ・デ・コンポステラ大学、ビーゴ大学、サンティアゴ市議会も関わっており、国際的な特徴をさらに強めている。855の民間、公共機関が見本市に参加(前回比12.2%増)したうちの289機関はスペイン以外の計37カ国を代表しており、その比率は前回の28%に対し34%に増加し、国際化は前回2012年に比べ37.6%進んだ。

さらに今回の第7回BioSpainはスペインのバイオテクノロジー年とASEBIOの設立15周年にあたっており、出展社は200社、投資家はベンチャー・キャピタル・ファンド、大規模医薬品投資ファンド、エンゼル投資を含め50社-その80%はスペイン以外-を数えており、そのすべてがさまざまな国の40社のビジネス計画を研究する投資フォーラムに参加した。提携イベントは3327のビジネス会議(前回比20%増)を主催して合計2000人(8%増)が参加し、ビジネス発展会議の数では世界で5番目に大きな業界イベントとしてのBioSpain 2014の地位を強化した。

BioSpain 2014の会期中に合計50の並行、科学会議が開催され、37社が参加し、720の製品が提携で提示されたライセンシングで利用可能になった。


今年のイベントの注目すべき新機軸のなかにBiolatam Showcase(中南米バイオテクノロジーだけの特別スペース)があり、ペルー、アルゼンチン、メキシコ、コロンビア、コスタリカ、ブラジル、チリ、ウルグアイが出展した。また9月21日から23日まで開催されたXacobioでは、期間中に17カ国の25人の参加者がカミーノ・デ・サンティアゴを歩いて忘れがたい経験を共有した。今年はFEBiotecと協力して組織された2回目の開催である訓練・雇用フォーラムでは297人の求職者と20の機関が登録し、71の会合が開かれた。


Lucia Cecilia Mercado

+34-91-210-93-74 / +34-663-117-293

ソース:Spanish Bioindustry Association (ASEBIO)

82% of Participants at Biospain 2014 Identified Real Business Opportunities



    The 7th International Biotechnology Conference, BioSpain 2014 (, the main biotechnology event held in Spain and

one of the biggest in the world, took place between the 24th and the 26th of

September at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Galicia, in Santiago de

Compostela (A Corunna). The biennial event, which was organised by the Spanish

Bioindustry Association (ASEBIO) - and on this edition also by the Autonomous

Government of Galicia, the University of Santiago de Compostela, the University

of Vigo and Santiago City Council - once more bolstered its international

character: from the 855 private and public institutions attending the fair (an

increase of 12.2% compared to the previous edition), 289 were non-Spanish and

represented a total of 37 countries, 34% of this year's total, compared to 28%

at the last edition, increasing its internationalisation by 37.6% compared to


    In addition, this 7th edition of Biospain, which coincided with the Year of

Biotechnology in Spain and the 15th anniversary of ASEBIO, counted with the

presence of 200 exhibitors and 50 investors - 80% of them non-Spanish -

including venture capital funds, big pharma investment funds, business angels

and others, all of whom participated in the Investment Forum, where the

business plans of 40 companies from a variety of countries were studied. The

partnering event hosted 3,327 business meetings - an increase of 20% compared

to the previous edition - with a total of 2,000 participants (8% more),

consolidating Biospain 2014 as the fifth biggest industry event globally in

terms of the number of business development meetings.

    During Biospain 2014 a total of 50 parallel and scientific conferences took

place, as well as 37 company presentations, with 720 products available for

licensing presented at the partnering.

    The Biospain Organisational Committee conducted a satisfaction survey to

which 25% of participants responded. According to the results of the survey,

completed primarily by representatives of biotechnology businesses and research

institutions, Biospain met the expectations of 55% of respondents and exceeded

the expectations of 37%. 82% of respondents identified real business

opportunities and, regarding their general assessment of the event, 54% stated

that it was good, 19% stated that it was really good, and 24% found it average,

resulting in 97% of participants satisfied.

    Among the noteworthy new features at this fair was the Biolatam Showcase -

an exclusive space for Latin American biotechnology - in which countries such

as Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brasil, Chile and Uruguay

were present; the Xacobio, which took place between the 21st and the 23rd of

September and during which 25 participants from 17 countries shared an

unforgettable experience while walking the Camino de Santiago; and the second

edition of the Training and Employment Forum, which this year was organised in

collaboration with FEBiotec, with 297 job seekers and 20 institutions

registered - and 71 meetings having taken place.


    Lucia Cecilia Mercado

    +34-91-210-93-74 / +34-663-117-293

    SOURCE: Spanish Bioindustry Association (ASEBIO)