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2015/2/20 09:20


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【ロンドン2015年2月19日PRN=共同通信JBN】コネクテッドデバイスを展開するOEMとエンタープライズユーザー5000社以上が、インターネット・オブ・シングス(IoT)とマシンツーマシン(M2M)コミュニケーション向けテクノロジーの購入パターンを理解するために行われた最大級の調査に参加した。業界団体International M2M Council(IMC)がスポンサーになった調査の結果から興味深い2点を挙げると、極めて多様な市場におけるIoTソリューションのバイヤーは似たような側面を持っていることが多く、彼らが各プロジェクトに展開するコネクション数の大幅増を計画しているということである。

IMCのキース・クライシャー事務局長は「彼らはIoTバイヤーの中の精華であり、われわれは『IMC一般会員』と呼ぶ。調査は企業の回答を選別するように設定されていた」と語った。市場調査企業Beecham Researchが実施した調査は、エネルギー、流通、ヘルスケア、小売り、建築、スマートシティーという6つの垂直市場のIMC会員からデータを収集した。回答社の32%は欧州、24%は北米、15%はアジアからだった。付加的な調査データを含む調査報告はIMCのウェブサイトから入手できる。



▽International M2M Council(IMC)について

ロンドンを本拠とするIMCはグローバルなIoT/M2M部門を対象とする最大、最速成長の業界団体で、2014年2月以降、5100社以上が加盟している。理事企業はAeris、Amdocs、AT&T、B&B Electronics、ドイツテレコム、ディジ・インターナショナル、インマルサット、イリジウム、Kore、Numerex、オーブコム、Nighthawk Control、Synapse Wireless、テレコムイタリア、Telit、ベライゾン、Wylessなど。詳しい情報は を参照。

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Keith Kreisher


Huge New Study of IoT Buyers Shows Larger Projects Coming, Market Similarities


LONDON, Feb. 19, 2015 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

Over 5,000 OEMs and enterprise users that deploy connected devices have

participated in what could be the largest quantitative study ever undertaken to

understand technology buying patterns for the Internet of Things and

Machine-to-Machine Communications. Just two of the surprising results from the

study - sponsored by the trade association the International M2M Council - are

that buyers of IoT solutions in very diverse markets often share similar

profiles, and that they plan large upswings in the number of connections they

will deploy in each project.

"This is a pure distillation of IoT buyers - we call them our IMC Adopter

Members. The study was designed to screen out responses from companies that

sell IoT solutions," says IMC executive director Keith Kreisher. Conducted by

analyst firm Beecham Research, the study draws data from IMC members in six

vertical markets (energy, logistics, healthcare, retail, building &

construction, and smart cities), with 32% reporting from Europe, 24% from North

America, and 15% from Asia. A report on the study, which includes the

additional survey data, is available on the IMC website.

Portending well for IoT growth, the buyers polled expect over 14% of their IoT

deployments to incorporate more than 250,000 connected devices in three years'

time, a huge increase. The study shows that less than 20% of the IoT projects

currently underway involve the deployment of more than 10,000 connected

devices, but buyers expect that to increase to 53% in three years. "The study

also shows strong movement away from using IoT/M2M technology to simply reduce

costs, and towards using these solutions to meet customer requirements and

build new revenue streams," says Kreisher.

Fully, 49% of respondents self-identified as operations, with sales/marketing a

distant second at 20%, followed by product design/development, and then IT.

"The uniformity between disparate vertical markets was a true revelation," says

Kreisher. "The only market where operations didn't dominate was retail, but you

could say that sales are essentially operations in a retail environment."

About International M2M Council (IMC)

The London-based IMC is the largest and fastest-growing trade group dedicated

to the global IoT/M2M sector - with over 5,100 members joining since February

of 2014. Board Member-Companies include Aeris, Amdocs, AT&T, B&B Electronics,

Deutsche Telekom, Digi International, Inmarsat, Iridium, Kore, Numerex,

Orbcomm, Nighthawk Control, Synapse Wireless, Telecom Italia, Telit, Verizon,

and Wyless. For more information, visit

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