TVB Gives Customers Anytime, Anywhere Entertainment with CyberSource Solutions


TVB Gives Customers Anytime, Anywhere Entertainment with CyberSource Solutions


HONG KONG, May 5, 2015 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

- Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) implements CyberSource's global payment

gateway and recurring billing system for its online payment services

- TVB to enable seamless customer checkout experience by consolidating one-time

and recurring payment processing on a single platform

CyberSource, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visa Inc.(NYSE: V), and one of the

world's largest providers of eCommerce payment management services, today

announced a partnership with Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), a leading

free-to-air TV broadcasters in Hong Kong and one of the largest commercial

Chinese program producers in the world. This agreement will allow TVB's

internet portal to provide secure online payment acceptance services,

as they continue to grow their business by enabling customers to purchase

content from their web and mobile channels easily and safely.

Through this partnership, will be able to leverage CyberSource's global

payment gateway services to process online payments from various card types

from multiple issuers, made on both web and mobile channels, with options for

recurring billing as well. To further streamline the checkout process,

will also utilize CyberSource Secure Acceptance services to enable instant

checkout for returning customers.

Boasting one of the world's highest average Internet connection speeds, Hong

Kong's household broadband and mobile penetration rates are high at 85 percent

and 231 percent, respectively[1]. Merchants are increasingly looking to tap

into the eCommerce and mCommerce opportunity in Hong Kong.

As traditional television viewing behavior converges with new media platforms,

combined with high penetration of internet-connected devices, there is a

growing demand for television programs anywhere, anytime and on any device. hosts TVB program contents for round-the-clock entertainment and news

services, including web and mobile applications, such as myTV, TVB News and TVB

Finance, catering to diverse customer segments.

"We consistently strive to deliver the best customer experience, which plays a

vital role in driving our business growth. We trust that putting in place a

simple and seamless online payment services for our customers is the first key

step in facilitating our venture into the paid media world. With CyberSource's

solutions, we can accept varied modes of payments according to our viewers'

preferences, taking customer experience to the next level. We also see a huge

benefit in CyberSource's payment solutions, which enables us to customize

different packages to cater to our distinct customer segments," said Wayne Lam,

eCommerce Manager, TVB.

CyberSource's online payment solution provides TVB with access to secure

payment acceptance and comprehensive payment management services, via a single

connection. TVB will be able to process a wider spectrum of payment methods,

while extending its business to the digital media space.

"As a market that is steeped in technology, Hong Kong's eCommerce and mCommerce

market has immense growth potential. We are proud to work with TVB to build an

efficient and effective online payment environment. By ensuring a seamless and

secure end-to-end customer experience, we hope to help the company achieve its

business objectives of increasing customer retention, protecting its brand, and

ultimately expanding globally," said Poon Khye Wei, Regional Director, Greater

China and Korea, CyberSource.

[1] Hong Kong Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, Public Consultation on

2014 Digital 21 Strategy: Smarter Hong Kong, Smarter Living

( ),

September 2013

About CyberSource

CyberSource, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visa Inc., is a payment management

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About Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)

Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) is the first wireless commercial television

station in Hong Kong. Headquartered in Hong Kong, TVB was established in 1967,

and provides round-the-clock entertainment channels and news service to over 7

million Hong Kong viewers, and operates an international licensing and

distribution business. Many of the programmes produced in Cantonese are dubbed

into Mandarin and other languages, and are distributed worldwide, including

Asia (covering Mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore), Australia, North

and South America, and Europe, accessible to over 300 million households.

Today, TVB has over 4,600 staff and artistes worldwide. Their internet portal is the official website of TVB and has been in operation since 2000. It

hosts TVB programme contents, available to viewers for catchup. The diverse

portfolio includes TVB News, TVB Finance and myTV on mobile and web platforms.

Visit for more information.

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