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GTアジア・シリーズ第3戦のスケジュールは次の通りです(全て現地時間)。7月15~16日:オープン・プラクティス。7月17日:公式プラクティス。7月18日:予選(2セット)、同日12:20 pm:第3戦5ラウンド決戦。7月19日(日)4:20 pm:第3戦6ラウンド決戦。


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#88 Interush Aston Martin Team Returns to the Race Track for the Third Race of the 2015 GT Asia Series


IRVINE, Calif., July 16, 2015 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

The #88 Interush-sponsored Aston Martin driven by the formidable Frank Yu and

Richard Lyons has been off to a winning start at the 2015 GT Asia Series,

boasting of a second place podium win at the recently concluded race in

Okayama, Japan. Having proven their tenacity and competence in the series, the

#88 AMR team is gearing up for yet another strong outcome in the third race on

July 18 and 19. Interush and their Affiliates are ready to lend support to

their favorite team and cheer them on through the exciting motorsports


"We are extremely pleased with the stellar performance of the #88 team in the

exciting 2015 GT Asia Series," said Chris Simonian, Vice President of Marketing

of Interush. "We have high hopes that Frank Yu and Richard Lyons will once

again emerge victorious in the Fuji Speedway and secure another podium win for

the team."

The race will be held at the historic Fuji International Speedway, a

world-class circuit that is a versatile venue for all kinds of motorsports. The

iconic location has also served as a place for concerts and television and

movie locations. The race track was built in the 1960s and was home to the

first Japan Formula One race in 1976. It was featured in various media,

including Pole Position, well-known by gaming enthusiasts, and the Japanese

television drama, Engine. It stands in the foothills of Mount Fuji and is known

for having one of the longest straights in race tracks.

Public practice sessions will commence at the speedway on July 15 and 16, while

an official practice round will occur on July 17. The race will be initialized

with two qualifying sessions on Saturday, July 18, with the official race

starting at 12:20 pm. The next round of the race on Sunday, July 19 will begin

at 4:20 pm. (local time)

The GT Asia Series is the sixth season of the GT Asia Championship and is a

part of the Asian Festival of Speed (AFOS). The next race in the series will be

in Sepang, Malaysia on September 4-6 at the Sepang International Circuit.

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