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契約によると、Africellはディープ・パケット・インスペクションを事前に組み込んだAlepoのPolicy and Charging Rules Function(PCRF)ソリューションを採用し、シエラレオネ、ウガンダ、ガンビア、コンゴにおける3Gおよび4G LTEサービスに利用する。これによって、Africellはこのオールインワン・データマネタイゼーション・プラットフォームを活用し、スポンサー付きのアプリ、OTTコンテンツプロバイダーのコンテンツ、ローミングデータ・パスなどを含む、競争力のある新規の3Gおよび4Gデータサービスを市場に迅速に提供できる。


Alepo PCRFをAfricellの成熟したモバイル・ネットワーク環境に導入しAfricellが長期データ戦略を立案しても、同社のモバイル音声の収益には全く影響を与えることはない。さらに、オープンスタンダードをベースにしたこのソリューションは、多様な業界トップのコアネットワーク装置プロバイダーと連携し、Africellのマルチベンダー・ネットワーク環境に完全一体化する。



Alepoは高度なソフトウエア・ソリューションとサービスによって次世代データのチャンスを実現し、世界の通信サービスプロバイダーが次世代の固定およびモバイル・ブロードバンド・ネットワークにおける収益および市場シェアを拡大することを可能にする。Alepoはこの10年間で、Orange、Saudi Telecom、Digicelなどのオペレーターにおいて「あらゆるもののデータ(all things data)」のための主要なテクノロジー・パートナーを務めてきた。

AlepoはMWC 2016で、3G、LTE、Wi-Fi向けのリアルタイム・データ課金およびポリシーコントロール・ソリューションのデモを行う(ホール7、7E14)。Alepoとの話し合いを予約するにはウェブサイトを参照。

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Africell Taps Alepo for 3G and LTE Data Charging and Policy Control in a Multinational Agreement


AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

   Alepo Will Provide an Advanced, All-in-one Data Monetization Platform for
Africell's 3G and Planned LTE Networks Across Sierra Leone, Uganda, The Gambia,
And The DRC

   Ahead of Mobile World Congress (MWC) - the largest mobile industry event in
Europe - Alepo announced today a new, multinational contract with the mobile
operator group, Africell, for the deployment of Alepo's convergent data
charging and policy control solution as part of Africell's highly anticipated
planned LTE networks in Africa.


   As per the agreement, Africell will employ Alepo's Policy and Charging Rules
Function (PCRF) solution, pre-integrated with deep packet inspection, for 3G
and 4G LTE services in Sierra Leone, Uganda, the Gambia, and the DRC. In doing
so, Africell will be able to leverage this all-in-one data monetization
platform in order to quickly bring to market new, competitive 3G and 4G data
offers, including sponsored apps and content from OTT content providers,
roaming data passes, and much more.

   In the selection of Alepo's PCRF, Africell CTO Younes Chaaban underscored
the potential for next-generation data services in the African markets.
"Rising smartphone penetration and the subsequent explosive demand for
high-speed mobile Internet services in our markets has revealed a strategic
opportunity to drive up data revenues in the coming years," Chaaban said,
adding, "Alepo's PCRF solution will make it possible for us to harness 3G and
LTE data services in order to increase ARPU and profitability of our networks."

   The introduction of the Alepo PCRF into Africell's mature mobile network
environment ensures zero impact on mobile voice revenues while Africell
develops its long-term data strategy. In addition, the open, standards-based
solution will integrate seamlessly into Africell's multi-vendor network
environments, alongside multiple industry-leading core network equipment

   "As voice revenues plateau, savvy carriers like Africell recognize the need
for an aggressive data monetization strategy," said Shivani Sardesai, Director
of Sales for Africa at Alepo. "They also know, as we do at Alepo, that it takes
a robust, fast, and flexible data charging and policy control solution to
realize this strategy as well as overall business success."

   About Africell:
   Africell is one of the fastest growing mobile operator in Africa. The
company has established itself as the number one mobile network provider in
Gambia and Sierra Leone, and is rapidly growing its newer operations in the DRC
and Uganda.

   About Alepo:
   Alepo makes next-gen data opportunities a reality, with advanced software
solutions and services that enable global communications service providers to
accelerate revenue growth and market share on next-generation fixed and mobile
broadband networks. For over a decade, Alepo has been the go-to technology
partner for 'all things data' at operators like Orange, Saudi Telecom, and

   During MWC 2016, Alepo will give live demos of its real-time data charging
and policy control solutions for 3G, LTE, and Wi-Fi at stand - Hall 7, 7E14. To
book a meeting with Alepo, please visit:

   Media Contact:
   Danielle Smith
   +1-512-879-1030 ext. 3

   SOURCE: Alepo Technologies Pvt Ltd