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2016/5/30 14:08


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【上海(中国)2016年5月27日新華社=共同通信JBN】4000人を超える中国人ビジネス旅行客の大型ツアーグループをカナダが最近受け入れたことが、5月23日明らかになった。この旅行客グループの購買力は少なくとも400万カナダドルに上るとみられる。Toronto Tourismによると、これはカナダが受け入れた過去最大の旅行団体である。

カナダ観光局(Canadian Tourism Commission=CTC)が公表したデータによると、カナダの旅行業界の年間収入は2015年に900億カナダドルに達した。カナダで旅行業界は63万人を超える雇用機会を生んでいる。近年はカナダを訪れる中国人旅行客の数が着実に増加し、2015年にその数は50万人近くになった。






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UnionPay Card Brings New Vitality to Canada Tourism


SHANGHAI, China, May 27, 2016 /Xinhua=KYODO JBN/--

It is learnt on May 23 that Canada has just received a large tour group of over

4,000 Chinese business tourists. It is expected that this group of tourists

will bring a purchasing power of at least 4 million Canadian dollars. According

to Toronto Tourism, this is the largest single tour group Canada has ever


According to the data released by the Canadian Tourism Commission, the annual

revenue of the Canadian tourism industry in 2015 reached 90 billion Canadian

dollars, and tourism directly created over 630,000 job opportunities. In recent

years, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Canada has been growing stably,

and in 2015 the number is close to 500,000.

As the economic and trade ties between China and Canada have become

increasingly closer, not only individual tourists prefers to visit Canada, but

also more Chinese companies choose to organize meetings and team-building

activities there. These large tour groups have strong purchasing capability,

are fond of paying with UnionPay cards, and can remarkably promote consumption

in destination cities.

With more overseas merchants accepting UnionPay cards and more UnionPay

exclusive privileges are offered, much more Chinese business tourists carry

UnionPay cards abroad, and their average spending amount also grew stably.

An increasing number of Canadian merchants take the acceptance of UnionPay

cards as a significant means to attract tourists. The four major banks in

Canada have all enabled their ATMs to accept UnionPay cards, making UnionPay's

local ATM acceptance coverage reach 85%. In addition, UnionPay cards are

accepted at over 70,000 merchants; these merchants include duty free shops,

department stores, brand chains, jewelry stores most frequented by tourists. At

these merchants, cardholders can pay conveniently with UnionPay cards.

An experienced local tour guide, Ms. Hou, said that she often recommended the

Chinese tourists to pay with UnionPay cards no matter in tourist attractions or

at department stores. Because paying with UnionPay cards is not only safer and

more convenient than paying cash, but is also without service fees.

Since 2014, qualified Chinese tourists are able to get multi-entry visa to

Canada. With this visa, tourists can stay in Canada for as long as over half a

year, and the passport can be valid for as long as ten (10) years. This measure

helps to attract more Chinese tourists to Canada.

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