ヘルシーレストランのElement Freshがアジア進出


2016/12/20 14:15

ヘルシーレストランのElement Freshがアジア進出

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中国の国際的なレストランブランドのElement Freshは、アジアで適当なフランチャイジーを見つけて開発権を与える計画を発表した。当初は香港、日本、シンガポール、タイなどに重点を置く。

2002年創業のElement Freshは今日、中国で40店近いレストランを開き、そのほとんどが上海と北京にある。引き続き同社は中国国内で店舗網を拡大し、2020年には80店を見込んでいる。アジアの主要国では飲食・小売専門企業に独占開発権を与える方針。



Element Freshは最近ホームページwww.elementfresh.org を立ち上げた。フランチャイズパートナーが受ける利点や恩恵が詳しく記され、最新のレストランのフロアプランと、開発計画を助けるサポートチームが紹介されている。ポール・ベアボーン氏は「ウェブサイトには重要情報や動画が山ほどあり、興味のあるフランチャイズパートナーは多くの情報が得られる」と語った。バーボン氏は今後数カ月間、多くの主要市場を訪問し、有力なグループと面談する。2017年下半期には特定の主要都市で営業を始め、大手パートナー企業と専門的な関係を築くことが目標だ。

▽Element Fresh(R)について

Element Fresh(R)は2002年に上海で創業した。グルメサラダや、注文を受けてから作るフレッシュなフルーツジュースとスムージー、アメリカスタイルの朝食を含む国際色豊かなメニュー、上品でカジュアルな雰囲気、それに笑顔のサービスで有名である。

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Healthy Dining: Element Fresh Expanding in Asia


SHANGHAI, Dec. 19, 2016/PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

Shanghai-based casual dining leader to franchise across Asia

Element Fresh, China's leading international restaurant brand, has announced

plans to grant development rights to qualified franchisees across Asia. The

initial focus will include Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Thailand.

Formulated in 2002, today's Element Fresh has nearly 40 restaurants in China,

most anchored in Shanghai and Beijing. The company will continue to grow across

China, and are forecasting 80 outlets by 2020. Meanwhile, they will grant

exclusive development rights to F&B- and retail-focused companies in key

countries across Asia.

With this expansion strategy in place, Paul Barbone (Director, International

Franchising) adds that "we seek retail focused companies who view our

cosmopolitan brand as complimenting their existing portfolio and aligned with

their business strategy. Our systems and operations have been fine-tuned over

the past decades, and engineered to ease the start-up process through to

multi-unit management."

The famous, health-fuelled menu infuses most dishes with superfoods, which

people are seeking to add more of to their diet, and see more in their dining

options. The seasonal menu innovation cycle provides further opportunity for

customers to try innovative ingredients. "We are passionate about fresh food,

great taste, and quality ingredients; making 'eating right' easy for our

guests. People from dozens of countries come to us every day for our diverse

menu and seasonal touches," says CEO Frank Rasche. Recent examples include

Salmon & Warm Buckwheat Salad, plus a Spicy BBQ Chicken Cobb salad including

avocado chunks and chimichurri ranch dressing!

Element Fresh recently launched their www.elementfresh.org website detailing

the advantages and benefits offered to franchise partners, and showcasing their

latest restaurant prototype, as well as the support teams to assist this

development program. "There is tons of great info and videos on the website,

which provides much information to interested franchise partners," says Paul

Barbone, who will visit many key markets in the coming months to meet with

qualified groups. The goal is to be operational in select key cities by the

second half of 2017, having professional relationships with great partner


About Element Fresh(R) - Founded in Shanghai in 2002, Element Fresh is famous

for its gourmet salads and fresh, made-to-order fruit juices & smoothies, a

diverse international menu including American-style breakfasts, multicultural

appeal, a premium casual dining ambience and smiling customer service.

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