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【東京2017年1月10日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】世界をリードする太陽光発電(PV)インバータ・メーカーであるSungrowはこのほど、日本のデベロッパーであるブルーキャピタルマネジメントと200MWのセントラル・インバータを日本国内で供給する契約に調印した。



Sungrowは世界をリードする太陽光発電(PV)インバータ・メーカーで、全世界に26GW以上を設置した実績を持つ。1997年に大学教授の曹仁賢氏が設立したSungrowはソーラー・インバータの研究開発で世界をリードしており、数多くの特許、そして住宅、商業、産業向けのソリューションとして広範な製品ポートフォリオを持っている。20年間の成長と成功の実績により、Sungrowの製品は50カ国超で入手が可能。中国では30%以上のシェアを保っている。2015年、Sungrowはドイツにおけるシェアで20%以上を占めることに成功した。Sungrowの太陽光発電(PV)インバータの2015年出荷量は合計8.9GWで世界第1位となった。Sungrowについてのさらに詳しい情報は を参照。

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Sungrow Wins a Contract Supplying 200MW PV Inverters to Blue Capital Management Co., Ltd. in Japan


TOKYO, Jan. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

Sungrow, the world's leading PV inverter manufacturer, has recently signed an
agreement with Blue Capital Management Co., Ltd, a Japanese developer, for the
supply of 200 MW of central inverters in Japan.

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Tokyo-based developer Blue Power noted that they felt confident in the
agreement "as Sungrow has excellent manufacturing operation and provides
reliable inverters with proven quality". The plant will be completed in three
years. And Blue Power plans to build total 500MW in the future. The project
will employ Sungrow's SG2000 central inverter. The inverter features a
containerized design which saves costs related to logistics and installation.
The SG2000 enables all components to be accessed without entering the
container, and like all other Sungrow products, reaches up to 99% efficiency.

"Sungrow remains dedicated to bringing green and effective energy to markets in
need all around the world. We will continue to offer class-leading products and
services to our Japanese partners." said Professor Renxian Cao, President of

About Sungrow

Sungrow is the world's leading PV-inverter manufacturer with over 26GW
installed globally. Founded in 1997 by the University Professor Renxian Cao,
Sungrow is the global leader in research and development in solar inverters,
with numerous patents and a broad product portfolio offering solutions for
residential, commercial and industrial applications. With a 20-year track
record of growth and success, Sungrow's products are available in over 50
countries, and have maintained a market share of over 30% in China. In 2015,
Sungrow successfully occupied a over 20% market share in Germany. Sungrow
topped the world with PV inverter shipments in 2015 totaling 8.9GW. To learn
more about Sungrow, please visit

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