貴安新区(Guian New Area)

2017/2/9 15:18


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【貴陽(中国)2017年2月8日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】

中国貴州省の貴安新区(Guian New Area)は新エネルギー車(NEV)業界で急速に成長する部門とともにグリーンテクノロジーを完全に活用し、中国初の国家水準の模範的なエコロジー開発地区となることを目指している。FDG電気自動車工業団地(FDG Electric Automobile Industrial Park)や現代自動車ビッグデータセンター(Hyundai Motor Big Data Center)など、貴安新区では複数のNEVプロジェクトが開始されている。


NEVの研究開発、生産、流通に特化したFDG電気自動車(FDG Electric Vehicles)は、年間生産能力15万台のNEVプロジェクトの第1期に50億元を投資することに合意した。FDGは、中核電池技術と210件の特許を2018年末までに開始予定の大量生産に向け投入している。プロジェクト完成時には、年間生産額は43億6000万ドルを超えると見込まれている。バリューチェーンの補完的な事業が同地区に誘致され、潜在的に数千億ドルの価値のあるエコシステムを形成することになる。





革新的なエコロジー・パークであるStudioは、Building Research Establishment(英国建築研究所)の技術的支援を得て、貴安新区に建設された。

7534平方フィートの広さの本館は、機能性を美観と組み合わせて二重のファサードを備えたエンベロープ最適化(envelope optimization)を採用した。ファサードは換気を改善し、夏の日照や冬の風から建物を遮蔽するのに役立つ。


▽スポンジシティー(Sponge City)




貴安新区(Guian New Area)は中国南西部、貴州省の貴陽市と安順市の間に位置する。中国の西部地域開発計画の下で開発された5新区のうちの1つで、中国では8番目の国家水準の新区である。

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Guian New Area Embraces Green Technology with Billions Worth Electric Vehicle Projects


GUIYANG, China, Feb. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

Guian New Area, in China's southwest Guizhou province, is fully embracing green

technology with rapid growing sector in New Energy Vehicle (NEV) industry as it

aspires to become the country's first national-level exemplary ecological

development zone. Multiple NEV projects launched in Guian New Area, such as FDG

Electric Automobile Industrial Park and Hyundai Motor Big Data Center.

FDG Electric Automobile Industrial Park

FDG Electric Vehicles, which is specialized in the R&D, production and

distribution of NEVs, agreed to invest 5 billion yuan in the first phase of an

NEV project that has annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles. FDG brings

core battery technologies and 210 patents into the mass production, which is

expected to start by the end of 2018. Upon project completion, annual vehicle

production value is expected to exceed 4.36 billion USD, and complementary

businesses in the value chain will be lured to the zone, potentially forming an

ecosystem worth hundreds of billions of USD.

Hyundai Motor Big Data Center

Hyundai Motor Co., Korea's biggest car maker, signed memorandum of

understanding with Guizhou's provincial government of its first offshore big

data center in china in a move to accelerate its development of connected car

technology. The new big data center in China will analyze connected car data in

collaboration with Hyundai Motor's domestic big data center in Uiwang, Korea to

provide tailored service to Chinese users.

Realizing that a good ecological environment would make Guian New Area a more

appealing investment destination, Guian government is committed to promoting

"green" industrial parks, which are designed to be more energy-conserving, and

less pollutive.

THE Studio

THE Studio, an innovative ecological park, was built in Guian New Area with

technological support from Britain's Building Research Establishment.

The exemplary building, with an area of 7,534 square feet, adopted envelope

optimization with double facades, combing functionality with aesthetics. The

facades improve ventilation, and can help shield the building from sunlight in

summer, and from wind in winter.

The building also adopted the Wind Tunnel System (WTS) and Biomass Boiler

Heating System (BBHS) to adjust room temperature. WTS channels in fresh air,

improving interior temperature. The building also initiates the Biomass Boiler

Heating System, making the heating process carbon-free.

Sponge City

The Guian New Area aims to set a leading example for China's "sponge cities",

having adopted advanced drainage and sewage systems, which are designed for

natural collection, penetration, and purification of rainwater, and by using

source separation technologies, the system can recycle sewage water with no


In addition, industrial parks are designed to preserve indigenous culture and

characteristics, having selected local plantation, and achieved maximum energy

conservation by adopting low-carbon technologies and strategies.


Guian New Area is located between Guiyang and Anshun, Southwest China's Guizhou

province. It is one of the five new areas developed under China's Western

Development Program and the eighth national-level new area in China.

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