Fieldsolution、日本のB Dash Campで最終選考に進出

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2017/4/11 15:38

Fieldsolution、日本のB Dash Campで最終選考に進出

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*Fieldsolutionが3月福岡で開かれたB Dash Campで上位6社にランクイン




IoT方式の水処理工程管理ソリューションを開発したFieldsolutionは、B Dash Campピッチアリーナの最終選考に勝ち残った。

IoT方式の水処理工程管理ソリューションを開発したFieldsolutionは、B Dash Campピッチアリーナの最終選考に進んだ。韓国未来創造科学省(MSIP)に所属する主要政府機関であるK-ICT Born2Global Centre(Born2Global)は3月5日、福岡で開かれた日本で最大規模のスタートアップ・コンペティションであるB Dash Campで、会員企業のFieldsolutionが上位6社にランクインしたと発表した。

B Dash Campは日本の大手アクセラレーター(起業支援企業)のB Dash Venturesが主催するスタートアップ・コンペティションで、毎年春と秋に福岡と京都で開かれる。イベントの一環としてスタートアップ企業家のネットワーク活動とスタートアップ・プレゼン・コンペティションも行われ、参加者はITサクセス事例を共有する機会を持つ。

今回のB Dash Campには600人以上が参加した。予備審査で選ばれたスタートアップ30社がプレゼン・コンペティションに臨み、Fieldsolutionを含む6社がファイナルラウンド進出に選ばれた。Fieldsolutionは上位6社のうちで唯一の韓国企業。優勝したのは、訪日旅行客向けのスマートフォンアプリを開発した日本のWAmazingだった。



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Fieldsolution Enters Final Round of Japan's B Dash Camp Pitch Arena


SEOUL, Korea, Apr. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/--

Fieldsolution ranked among top six at B Dash Camp in Fukuoka last month

Attracted attention with its IoT-based water treatment process management


Fieldsolution (CEO: Dae-cheon Kim), which developed an IoT (Internet of

Things)-based water treatment process management solution, made it to the final

round of a Japanese startup competition.


Fieldsolution, which developed an IoT-based water treatment process management

solution, made it to the final round of a B Dash Camp pitch arena.

Fieldsolution, which developed an IoT-based water treatment process management

solution, made it to the final round of a B Dash Camp pitch arena.

On March 5, the K-ICT Born2Global Centre (Born2Global), a major Korean

government agencyunder the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP),

said that Fieldsolution, one of its members, had been ranked among the top six

participants of Japan's largest startup competition, B Dash Camp, held in

Fukuoka last month.

B Dash Camp is a startup competition held by Japan's leading accelerator, B

Dash Ventures, in spring and autumn every year in Fukuoka and Kyoto. Networking

activities for startup businesspeople and startup pitching competitions are

also held as part of the event, and participants have the opportunity to share

their IT success stories.

More than 600 people participated in the latest B Dash Camp. Selected through a

preliminary evaluation, 30 startups participated in the pitching competition,

following which a total of six companies, including Fieldsolution, were

selected to enter the final round. Fieldsolution was the only Korean company

among the top six. The final winner was Japan's WAmazing, which developed a

smartphone app service for travelers to Japan.

Founded in 2015, Fieldsolution has been striving to build global partnerships

while working hard on the domestic front as well. In 2017, after finalizing the

establishment of a local subsidiary in Japan, the company plans to provide

management solutions for water treatment processes using IoT technology in

cooperation with support groups in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, the

Philippines, and China.

"With its industry-leading, IoT-based water treatment technology,

Fieldsolution, which aims to become an industrial IoT specialist, will do its

best to become the best in the field," said Fieldsolution CEO Dae-cheon Kim.

"Now that our technology has been acknowledged in Japan, we will step up our

efforts to expand our presence in the global market this year by establishing a

subsidiary in Japan and collaborating with our global partners."

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