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2017/6/30 15:54


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【珠海(中国)2017年6月29日新華社=共同通信JBN】第3回China-Israel Investment Summit(中国・イスラエル投資サミット)が2017年6月27、28日、中国南部の珠海市で開催された。中国とイスラエルの2700以上の企業から5200人余りがサミットに出席し、イスラエル企業が参加する中国で最大のビジネスフォーラムおよびマッチメーキング会議となった。サミットでは、中国とイスラエルの企業間でB2Bビジネスの2000以上の商談会が開かれ、総額38億米ドル超相当の14のプロジェクトの契約が現地で調印された。


テクノロジーオートメーション、金融工学、産業応用、インターネット・オブ・シングス(IoT)、バイオサイエンスなどの業界の200近いハイテク企業の創業者や意思決定者を含め、146のイスラエル企業から255人の招待客がサミットに出席した。National China-Israel Innovation Fundの創設、Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.とChina Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd.間の民間航空機プロジェクト協定の調印、珠海のChina-Israel Enterprise Accelerator Industrial Park決定を含む目覚しい成果がこれまでにあった。




ソース:The CPC Zhuhai Municipal Committee


The 3rd China-Israel Investment Summit Held in Zhuhai, USD 3.8 Billion-worth Projects Reaped


ZHUHAI, China, June 29, 2017 /Xinhua=KYODO JBN/--

On June 27 and 28, 2017, the 3rd China-Israel Investment Summit was held in

Zhuhai, a city in southern China. Over 5,200 people from more than 2,700

Chinese and Israeli enterprises attended the Summit, making it the largest

business forum and matchmaking conference in China attended by Israeli

enterprises. The Summit witnessed over 2,000 matchmaking meetings for B2B

business held between Chinese and Israeli enterprises and 14 project contracts

signed at the scene, with a total value of contract over USD 3.8 billion.

The Summit is an important platform for the communication and cooperation of

science and technology, economy and trade between China and Israel. The

previous two summits were held in Beijing and Tel Aviv respectively.

There were 255 guests from 146 Israeli enterprises attended the Summit,

including the founders and decision makers from nearly 200 Israeli high-tech

enterprises engaged in industries like technology automation, financial

technology, industrial application, Internet of Things and Bioscience.

Remarkable achievements have been scored for now, including the launching of

National China-Israel Innovation Fund, the signing of the agreement of civil

aircraft project between Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. and China Aviation

Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd. and the settling down of China-Israel

Enterprise Accelerator Industrial Park in Zhuhai.

Guo Yuanqiang, Secretary of the CPC Zhuhai Municipal Committee, said that,

"Since Zhuhai and Israel share similarities in such fields as science and

technology, environmental protection, agriculture and education, the

cooperation between the two parties enjoys a promising prospect." As the host

of the Summit, Zhuhai has embraced more opportunities.

Located in the west bank of Pearl River Estuary in south China, Zhuhai faces

the international metropolises Hong Kong and Macao across the river, and it is

also one of China's first four special economic zones. In recent years, Zhuhai

has prioritized the development of innovation and is sparing no effort to build

up an internationally competitive hub for high-end industrial clusters,

industrial technology incubators, innovative talents, entrepreneurship

investment and intellectual property services. Taking the Summit as an

opportunity, Zhuhai is able to promote regional innovation by learning from the

experience of Israeli enterprises.

As an important part of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Zhuhai has

been well prepared to live up to high standards of international trade and

investment rules, to carve out a new pattern of cooperation among Guangdong,

Hong Kong and Macao, and to foster a market-oriented, legal and international

business environment. While promoting the reform and development through the

opening-up, Zhuhai is able to further expand the cooperation with Hong Kong and

Macao, particularly to fully tap into the potentials of various professionals

from Hong Kong and Macao. In this way, innovation would be put on a fast track

driven by the going-out strategy.

Source: The CPC Zhuhai Municipal Committee

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