安泰経済管理学院がFT Masters in Management 2017のランクで成功を継続

Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

2017/9/14 17:27

安泰経済管理学院がFT Masters in Management 2017のランクで成功を継続

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【上海2017年9月14日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】上海交通大学安泰経済管理学院(Antai College of Economics & Management、以下「Antai College」)は2017年のフィナンシャル・タイムズMasters in Management Rankingにおいて全世界で32位にランクされて昨年より1位上昇、9年連続で全世界トップ50の地位を維持した。

Antai Collegeは「value for money」(費用対価値)、そして卒業生の3カ月間の就職率でもキャリア開発と国際的流動性で直実に前進し、強さを維持して世界1位を保った。


Antai Collegeの卒業生は最初と現在の仕事の比較で賃金が101%の上昇し、同時に「careers services」(キャリアサービス)と「career progress」(キャリア向上)でもそれぞれ11位と21位のランクで高く評価された。

「international course experience rank」(国際コース体験ランク)でも国際的な評価が改善して昨年比で10位上昇した。これは修士学位の勉強をする過程での海外の交換留学、そして留学のためのスカラシップの利用の増加によって促進された。現在、学生の3分の1以上がプログラム期間中に、国際的な学業または就労経験の機会を得ている。

ランキングではAntai Collegeの起業、製造、物流の分野での強さも強調された。Antai Collegeはこうした分野に興味のある学生にとって、選択すべきトップ10校の1つである。

Antai Collegeのタン・ニンユ副学部長はこのプログラムの成功を、確固とした学問的基礎と毎日の事業運営に理論的な知識を適用した厳しい訓練によるものとしている。

ニンユ副学部長は以下のように述べた。「Master in Management(経営学修士)プログラムは常に学問的な論点を考慮し、学生にクリティカル・シンキング、理にかなった推論、問題解決のスキルを備えてもらう」



ソース:Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Antai College of Economics and Management Continues its Success in Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking 2017


SHANGHAI, Sept. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

Antai College of Economics and Management was ranked No.32 worldwide in
Financial Times Masters in Management Rankings 2017, moving up one notch from
last year and retaining its position among global top 50 for nine consecutive

The college remains strong and stays world No.1 in "value for money" and
graduates' three-month employment rate, while making steady progress in career
development and international mobility.

The Financial Times analysed 95 programmes around the world this year and
started new indexes evaluating salary increase and career progress by
collecting data regarding students' first jobs after graduation and comparing
it with where they are three years later.

Antai College tops the world in "salary percentage increase" as its alumni
enjoy a 101-percentage rise in payment from their first job and now, and is
also highly regarded in terms of "careers services" and "career progress",
standing at 11th and 21st place respectively.

International criteria also improved with "international course experience
rank" jumping up 10 places over last year, driven by increased overseas
exchanges and access to scholarships for studying abroad while pursuing their
Masters' degree. Over a third of the students now have the opportunity to gain
international academic or work experiences during the programme.

The ranking also highlighted the college's strength in entrepreneurship,
manufacturing and logistics as being one of the top 10 choices in the world for
students interested in these subjects.

Tang Ningyu, Associate Dean of Antai College, attributes the success of the
programme to solid academic foundations and rigorous training in applying
theoretical knowledge to everyday business operation.

"The Master in Management programme has always featured an academic emphasis,
equipping students with critical thinking, sound reasoning and problem-solving

"The curriculum has also been updated in recent years to keep pace with the
fast changing business world and incorporate the latest insights in Internet
and big-data."

Chen Lu, a graduate of 2014 who is currently working in the mobile payment
industry, notes that, "consumer behaviour studies, as well as knowledge in
management and economics are frequently used in everyday work, and due to this
programme that I can be competent at the task and achieve swift career progress
in the company."

SOURCE:  Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong