World Conference on Online Learning ICDE 2017

2017/10/6 10:04


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10月16-19日に開催されるWorld Conference on Online Learning(オンライン学習に関する世界会議)ICDE 2017に参加するため、95カ国から過去最高の1300人以上の代表者が世界で最も多文化的な都市であるカナダ・オンタリオ州トロントに集まる。

59カ国から過去最高の500人以上の発表者(リストと略歴はhttp://onlinelearning2017.ca/en/presenters/ を参照)がToronto Sheraton Centre Hotelに登場する。

過去最高の150以上の同時セッション、同時ワークショップ、特別ブリーフィング、パネルディスカッション、テクノロジープレゼンテーション、ポスタープレゼンテーション、全体会議が4日間にわたって行われる(詳しいスケジュールはhttp://onlinelearning2017.ca/en/presentation-schedule/ を参照)。


Contact North | Contact Nordのプレジデント兼最高経営責任者(CEO)で、会議の組織委員会会長であるマクシム・ジャンルイ氏は、世界会議の双方向的かつ包括的なフォーマットに熱心であり「代表者たちは彼らの中核的期待を極めて明確にした。彼らは全てのセッションや活動を通して交流し、意見交換する機会を望んでいる。各発表者のユニークな視点や展望は共有される機会に値する」と語った。

トロントは、オンライン学習に関する世界会議ICDE 2017(http://onlinelearning2017.ca/en/ )の期間中、オンライン学習の世界的中心地となる。















Contact North | Contact Nordについてはhttps://contactnorth.ca/ を参照。

ICDEについてはhttps://www.icde.org/who-we-are#sthash.GibUhMux.dpbs を参照。


Heather Campbell

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ソース:World Conference on Online Learning ICDE 2017

Record-Breaking 1300 + Delegates from 95 Countries at Upcoming 2017 World Conference on Online Learning in Toronto


TORONTO, Oct. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

--Organized and Hosted by Contact North I Contact Nord


A record-breaking 1,300+ delegates from 95 countries are converging on Toronto,

Ontario, Canada, the most multicultural city in the world, for the World

Conference on Online Learning ICDE2017 from October 16-19.

A record-breaking 500+ presenters from 59 countries (click here

(http://onlinelearning2017.ca/en/presenters/)  for list and profiles) are

featured at the Toronto Sheraton Centre Hotel.  

A record-breaking 150+ concurrent sessions, concurrent workshops, special

briefings, panel discussions, technology presentations, poster presentations

and plenaries are offered over the course of four days (click here

(http://onlinelearning2017.ca/en/presentation-schedule/)  for detailed


The program includes presentations in English, French and Spanish.

Conference Chair, Maxim Jean-Louis, President – Chief Executive Officer,

Contact North | Contact Nord, is enthusiastic about the interactive and

inclusive format of the World Conference. "Delegates made their core

expectation very clear: they want an opportunity to interact and exchange

during all sessions and activities. Each presenter's unique viewpoint or

perspective deserves an opportunity to be shared."

During the World Conference on Online Learning ICDE 2017

(http://onlinelearning2017.ca/en/), Toronto is the global hub of online


At this World Conference, faculty and instructors, practitioners, experts,

instructional technology and media professionals, training providers,

researchers, consultants, start-ups, policy makers, academic decision makers

and educational technology industry leaders from higher education throughout

the world are expanding boundaries and exploring new frontiers of teaching,

learning and skills development.

Delegates at the World Conference on Online Learning are:

    --Discovering new modes of teaching, learning, course delivery, student

      support and assessment in higher education;

    --Finding new strategies to improve student outcomes;

    --Sharing and comparing leading-edge technologies and creative

      applications of technology in learning; and

    --Sharing best practices.

No keynotes, no policy statements, no declarations.

The World Conference is all about interactivity and exchange between

international colleagues keen on sharing, challenging and learning from each


To showcase Toronto's world-class culinary scene, the World Conference includes

an optional Dine- Around in 25 restaurants featuring 20 different cuisines, all

within walking distance of the downtown conference venue.

A World Conference on Online Learning with a difference!


"Over these four days, I encourage you all to reflect on the importance of this

initiative and your roles in it. It is through this open exchange of ideas and

the relationships that stem from it that we can improve education worldwide.

For everyone from a child in our rural North to an adult on the other side of

the globe wishing to improve their skills, online education can change lives

and change the world around us."  


                              Justin Trudeau

                          Prime Minister of Canada

"I am looking forward to joining you at the World Conference on Online

Learning, finding out how other jurisdictions use online, open and flexible

learning and exploring opportunities for collaboration with our higher

education system."

                             Kathleen Wynne

                            Premier of Ontario

"I wish to welcome everyone to our city and encourage you to enjoy Toronto at

this time of year as well as learn about our vibrant neighbourhoods."


                              John Tory

                            Mayor of Toronto

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