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コンテンツ作成ソフトウエア分野での世界的リーダーであるWoodWing Software(https://www.woodwing.com/en )はAuroraを導入する。WoodWing Softwareのマルチチャンネル・パブリッシング・ソリューションであるEnterprise(https://www.woodwing.com/en/multichannel-publishing )へのこの最新のアップデートは、メディア企業やパブリッシャーがチャンネルに中立的なコンテンツ作成ワークフローを採用し、すべてのチャンネルでのスマートで効率的なパブリッシング実現を可能にする。また、最も効率的なコンテンツ配信を実現するため、パブリケーションやブランド間でコンテンツをすばやく簡単に再利用することを保証する。




Enterprise Auroraは、チャネルに中立的なコンテンツ制作の新しい方法をサポートし、プリントとデジタルの間の縦割り状態を解消する。Content Station Editorでは、ドキュメント構造が自動的に適用され、チャンネルに中立的なストーリーが作成される。これにより、Facebook Instant Articles、Apple News、モバイルアプリまたはウエブサイトなどのデジタルチャンネルでのパブリッシングが可能になる。ストーリーの変種は1回クリックするだけで、作成、変更、プリントレイアウトへの自動的な配置、および他のデジタルチャンネルでのパブリッシュが可能となる。

スマートなワークフロー機能、自動化、チームコラボレーションにより、Auroraは未来のコンテンツ制作である。WoodWingのEnterprise AuroraはWoodWingが認めたSolution Partner Network(https://www.woodwing.com/en/partners )で入手することができる。

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Closing the Gap Between Digital and Print with WoodWing's Aurora


AMSTERDAM, December 6, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --


    Latest version of multichannel publishing solution provides the most

efficient way yet to produce content and publish stories on all channels

    WoodWing Software [https://www.woodwing.com/en ], global industry leader in

content creation software, introduces Aurora. The latest update to Enterprise

[https://www.woodwing.com/en/multichannel-publishing ] - WoodWing's multichannel

publishing solution - allows media companies and publishers to adopt a

channel-neutral content creation workflow, resulting in smart and efficient

publishing on all channels. It also ensures fast and easy reuse of content

across publications and brands, for the most efficient content distribution yet.

    Due to the media industry shifting from producing newspapers and magazines

to producing content pieces, workflows and processes have changed for media

companies. The tools they use, therefore, have to evolve as content is mainly

required to arrive on digital channels first, but needs to be easily published

to print too. Aurora closes the gap between digital and print, which is why

some of the largest global media companies have started to implement Aurora.

    "With a fast-moving digital environment and increased competition for media

companies, time cannot afford to be wasted on manual tasks. Media companies

need agile, flexible, problem-solving solutions for their organizations," says

Jan de Roos, CEO of WoodWing. "Currently, it is very difficult to reuse print

content on digital channels and amongst teams, brands and publications. Aurora

solves this problem that many media companies have, creating content for both

print and digital channels. By using a channel-neutral workflow with

automation, the publishing process is sped up. For organizations that have a

critical time to market, this really does provide them with a competitive edge."

    Channel-neutral content  

    Enterprise Aurora supports a new way of working with channel-neutral

content creation, breaking down the silos between print and digital. A

channel-neutral story is created in the Content Station Editor, with document

structure automatically applied. This allows for publishing on digital channels

such as Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News, your mobile app or website.

Variants of the story can be created, adapted and placed automatically onto a

print layout, or published on other digital channels with one click of the


    With smart workflow features, automation and team collaboration, Aurora is

the future of content creation. WoodWing's Enterprise Aurora is available via

WoodWing's authorized Solution Partner Network

[https://www.woodwing.com/en/partners ].

    Additional images and logos can be found here

[https://app.swivle.com/?r=eu-west-1&s=0Q36iZc&t=woodwingsoftware ].  

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