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2017/12/7 15:18


AsiaNet 71443 (1991)

【リマ(ペルー)2017年12月7日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】以下はAgrarian Debt Bondholders Association (農地改革債保有者連合、ABDA)を代表して発表した声明である:

われわれは2017年12月3日、経済協力開発機構(OECD)のアンヘル・グリア事務総長に書簡(http://www.abdaperu.org/web/articulospdf/ABDACARTAPARAOCDE.pdf )を出した。この書簡には、ペルー政府による土地の収用に対する公正な支払いを待ち続けているペルー伝統の家族を代表する多数の非営利の国債保有者団体が署名した。書簡は、われわれが保有する農地改革債の長年の債務不履行とこの問題に関するペルーの透明性の欠如を取り扱っている。これに対してメルセデス・アラオス首相は昨日、米国のファンドマネージャーがこの書簡を出し、「汚い手を使い」、ペルーの「OECDへの参加を阻止するためにペルーを継続的に脅している」と公言した。

しかし、アラオス首相の発言は完全に事実に反し、誤解を招く。ブロメスタイン博士の報告書(http://www.abdaperu.org/web/articulospdf/REPORTEBLOMMESTEIN.pdf )を同封した2017年12月3日のわれわれの書簡は、何千人ものペルー人を代表する多くのペルーの国債保有者団体が作成した。アラオス首相はこの非常に重要な事実を故意に誤解させようと試みた。






ソース:Agrarian Debt Bondholders Association (ABDA)


Peruvian Bondholders Refute Peruvian Prime Minister's False Claims


LIMA, Peru, Dec. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

The following release is issued on behalf of the Agrarian Debt Bondholders
Association (ABDA):

On December 3, 2017, we sent a letter
(http://www.abdaperu.org/web/articulospdf/ABDACARTAPARAOCDE.pdf ) to OECD
Secretary-General Angel Gurria. Our letter was signed by multiple non-profit
bondholder groups representing families of Peruvian heritage that continue to
await fair payment for the expropriation of their land by the government of
Peru. Our letter addressed the longstanding default of the agrarian reform
bonds we hold, and Peru's lack of transparency on the matter. In response,
yesterday, Prime Minister Mercedez Araoz stated that a U.S. fund manager sent
that letter, and that such U.S. fund manager is "playing dirty" and
"continuously threatens Peru to frustrate [Peru's] access to the OECD."

Prime Minister Araoz's statements, however, are completely false and
misleading. Our letter of December 3, 2017 – which enclosed Dr. Blommestein's
report (http://www.abdaperu.org/web/articulospdf/REPORTEBLOMMESTEIN.pdf ) – was
executed by a large number of Peruvian bondholders' associations representing
thousands of Peruvians.  Prime Minister Araóz deliberately attempted to mislead
on this very important fact.

In substance, Prime Minister Araoz's statements are only a futile attempt to
confuse the OECD and distract its attention from the real issue: Peru's
selective default of its sovereign debt and the complete lack of transparency
with which it has handled this issue for the last three decades – but most
significantly over the last four years.  Simply put, Peru continues to be in
default and has taken no serious effort to resolve this longstanding debt or to
adhere to common expectations of transparency from a sovereign entity.  
Moreover, in order to avoid full payment of this debt, President Pedro Pablo
Kuczynski has – as fully explained in our letter – relied on a forged decision
from Peru's Constitutional Tribunal which has given rise to ongoing criminal

Finally, Prime Minister Araoz's statements are just another example of how Peru
has, over the course of decades, completely ignored Peruvian bondholders and
managed to get away with it.  Notably, neither Prime Minister Araoz nor Peru
have even attempted to address the five basic questions in our letter. Instead,
Prime Minister Araoz suggests that alerting the OECD to a decision forged by
Peru's highest court is a "dirty trick." In our view, forging and relying on
such decision is the true "dirty trick."

By attempting to distract the OECD and making this simply about a U.S. fund,
instead of taking a responsible and serious stance, Peru is showing its true
colors as a country that only pays the debts it wants to pay, when and how it
wishes to pay them. That posture should be completely unacceptable for a
democratic country that supposedly respects the rule of law. Such a reckless
and disrespectful attitude towards its own creditors is completely incompatible
with the OECD's core values and mission.

Until Peru begins to act like a responsible sovereign and own up to its duties
as a fair and reliable debtor, we continue to believe the country is not ready
to receive an invitation for accession to such an organization as the OECD.  

Ramon Remolina – ABDA
Alfredo Adrianzen – ADAEPRA
Luis Huguet Nicolini - ADAEPRA

SOURCE  Agrarian Debt Bondholders Association (ABDA)

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