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【タリン(エストニア)2018年1月10日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】ブロックチェーンとe-Residencyで動作する資金調達向け金融エコシステムであるCrowdCoinageはパブリックのCCOSトークンセールを開始すると発表した。2018年1月15日に開始され、2018年3月12日に終了する。






CrowdCoinageについてさらに詳しい情報は  http://www.CrowdCoinage.com を参照。



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Peep Paum, CEO at CrowdCoinage

+372 501 5534,



Estonian Start-up CrowdCoinage Launches Revolutionary Financial Ecosystem Powered by e-Residency and Blockchain


TALLINN, Estonia, January 10, 2018 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

CrowdCoinage, Financial ecosystem for funding powered by blockchain and

e-Residency, has announced the launch of its Public CCOS Token Sale, commencing

January 15, 2018 and concluding March 12, 2018.

CrowdCoinage provides financial ecosystem OS for startups and companies to grow

outside the borders. Transparent and user-friendly financial operating system

also solves the ICO fraud problem, by making sure the collected investments

will be used purposefully. Estonian unique e-Residency, the CCOS and blockchain

solution open the ICO market to founders and investors from countries where

it's banned or hard to do.

"The project aims to involve community's attention and raise funding for

startups with huge potential which can change the world," said Peep Paum, the

CEO of CrowdCoinage. "Moreover, CrowdCoinage is going to protect investors from

potential ICO frauds and gives them more control over their investment," he


The first version of the OS focuses on the functionality of crowdfunding. The

user gains insight into the steps on how to create an ICO campaign from the

scratch by filling a form. In addition, it will be possible for users to see

how to contribute to the project by inserting the amount they want to invest.

In the future development, the CC platform will provide a job marketplace and a

broad variety of financial blockchain services: P2P loans, insurance, saving

deposits, debit cards, an exchange and a wallet. KYC will be handled by deep

integration with Estonian e-Residency program.

Estonian e-Residency is a government-issued digital ID available to anyone in

the world. E-Residency offers the possibility to easily invest or start and run

a global business in a trusted EU environment. "We can provide clearer guidance

on how to legally and responsibly launch an ICO within our regulatory

environment," said Kaspar Korjus lately in his article about Estonian


For more information on CrowdCoinage, please visit http://www.CrowdCoinage.com

About CrowdCoinage

Founded in 2017, CrowdCoinage is a financial ecosystem powered by e-Residency

and blockchain. The OS includes crowdfunding and ICO campaigns, community, job

marketplace and a variety of financial blockchain services. Among these are P2P

loans, insurance, saving deposits, debit cards for everyday use, an exchange

and a wallet.

For more information or to submit project ideas, please e-mail


Contact: Peep Paum, CEO at CrowdCoinage, +372 501 5534,


SOURCE: CrowdCoinage