Garnier Joins Forces With the Goodplanet Foundation for a 3-Year Environmental and Ecological Partnership


2019/2/8 12:24

Garnier Joins Forces With the Goodplanet Foundation for a 3-Year Environmental and Ecological Partnership


PARIS, Feb. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

In 2019, as the brand affirms its commitments and confirms its transition

towards more naturalness, Garnier is partnering the GoodPlanet Foundation with

the launch of an affordable range of organic skincare products certified by


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"We and the GoodPlanet Foundation share the same desire to materialise our

strong commitments to the planet for future generations. Nature is at the heart

of both of our stories and we have a common mission to make these commitments a

reality that is accessible to everyone," explains Elodie Bernadi, Brand

Director Garnier France. "We also want to establish the launch of Garnier Bio

within a "giving back to nature" initiative, with concrete and local actions to

support farmers in their transition to ecological practices."

This support takes the form of a joint and lasting partnership between the

Garnier brand and the GoodPlanet Foundation that will last 3 years, to raise

the awareness of and assist farmers in the Seine-Normandy region with their

farming and forestry projects.

The project revolves around the ecological transition of energy-greedy farming

practices (high levels of inputs such as fertilisers, pesticides, water, fuel)

subject to risks (weather and financial) towards more self-reliant farming

methods that regenerate soils and natural resources, protect biodiversity,

diversify and increase farmers' income.

This 3-year project (2019-2021) in partnership with the French Farming and

Forestry Association (AFAF) will:

Support 7 pilot-farms with a knock-on effect (raising awareness for the project

and helping pass on the operation to the neighbouring farms)

Plant 2,800 trees on 35 hectares of land

Train 50 farmers, with 3 training days every year

Raise the awareness of 50 people (general public) at 2 farm open days every year

A farming-forestry monitoring committee will also be set up as an online

platform for visualising linear and surface changes due to the planted trees.

"We are delighted to have the support of a partner like Garnier, a company

aware of its responsibilities to the environment in terms of sustainable

retail," says Matthieu Jousset, Manager of the Community Carbon Action

programme for the GoodPlanet Foundation.

More about the Seine-Normandy farming region:

In Northern France, the Seine-Normandy basin covers 95,000 km² and includes the

regions of Centre-Val de Loire, Île-de-France, Normandy and Hauts de France.

Farming covers a huge area (60% of the basin's land) mostly with industrial and

cereal crops and livestock farming. All these activities are connected to

water, in terms of both impact and need: irrigation, fertiliser and pesticide

leaching in the soil, run-off, erosion...


Depleted and energy-greedy farming

Richer and more economical farming

Natural resources



Embracing an initiative for progress

About the GoodPlanet Foundation:

An extension of Yann Arthus-Bertrand's artistic work and environmental

commitment, GoodPlanet, a recognised public interest foundation, aims to make

ecology and humanism a central issue in order to encourage people to take

concrete action for the Earth and its inhabitants. Created in 2005, the

GoodPlanet Foundation takes action in three main areas:

Making vulnerable communities more resilient to climate change through the

development of environmental and solidarity field projects

Raising awareness and educating people on sustainable development with in

particular the opening of the first site dedicated to ecology and humanism in


Helping companies and institutions implement an environmentally responsible


About Garnier:

Garnier is a major name in cosmetics with products for hair, hair colour, face

care, hygiene and sun protection. Preserving biodiversity and reducing

environmental impact are key objectives for Garnier.

Source: Garnier