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南カリフォルニアに本拠を置く原材料サプライヤー兼メーカーであるBlue Californiaは、FDAが「意図された使用条件」の下でErgoActive(R)(エルゴチオネイン)または(エルゴ)にGenerally Recognized as Safe(一般に安全と認められる)(GRAS)認定書を出したと発表した。この決定で製品メーカーは、化粧品、美容、食品、飲料、栄養補助食品などさまざまな市場性のある消費者製品に強力な抗酸化化合物を組み込むことができるようになる。

Blue Californiaは、自然発酵によって作られた市場で唯一のエルゴチオネイン製品である、この独自の原材料を提供している。ケイティ・フェレン販売・マーケティング担当副社長は「代替品は化学合成されたものばかりなので、Blue Californiaのユニークな発酵プロセスは業界推奨のソリューションだ」と語った。



関連する3つの出版物のうち、2019年3月12日付のJournal of Alzheimer's Diseaseの最新記事は「キノコの消費と軽度認知障害との関連性:地域ベースの横断的研究」と題されていた。


2016年初めの研究で著者らは、グループ間の血漿エルゴレベルの大きな差異を観察、「エルゴの欠乏は危険因子で、個人を神経変性疾患にかかりやすくする可能性がある」ことを示唆した。この研究の参加者の平均年齢は75歳だった。Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communicationsに掲載されたこの研究は、「高齢者のエルゴチオネイン濃度は、加齢と認知機能低下の発生に伴い減少する:神経変性の危険因子か?」と題されていた。



▽Blue Californiaについて

Blue Californiaは20年以上にわたり、食品、飲料、化粧品、フレグランス・フレーバー産業、栄養補助食品に使用される高純度の天然化合物と植物抽出物のイノベーションと製造を通じて、グローバル市場向けの優れた原材料を生産している。www.bluecal-ingredients.com を参照。

Blue Californiaは、ラスベガスで開催される2019 SupplySide West展でブース3051に出展する。

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Ana Arakelian

Head of Public Relations and Communications

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Super Antioxidant Ergothioneine Achieves GRAS Status from FDA


RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, California, Aug. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

-- Decision Drives Anti-Aging Market

-- Emerging Studies Reveal Ergothioneine consumption is Correlated to Reducing

Mild Cognitive Impairment

Southern California-based ingredient supplier and manufacturer, Blue California

announced the FDA has issued a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) letter for

ErgoActive(R) (Ergothioneine) or (Ergo) under its "intended conditions of use."

This decision enables product manufacturers to incorporate the powerful

antioxidant compound in a variety of marketable consumer products including

cosmetic, beauty, food, beverages and nutraceutical applications.

Blue California offers this proprietary ingredient, which is the only

ergothioneine product on the market made by natural fermentation. "Blue

California's unique fermentation process is the industry's preferred solution

since all alternatives are chemically synthesized," said Katie Ferren, vice

president of sales and marketing.

Ergo's super antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help to prevent and

combat oxidative stress. The naturally occurring amino acid is normally

provided to the body from dietary sources such as mushrooms in which it is

particularly rich. Recent studies have found correlations between Ergo levels

in the body, consumption of mushrooms, and reduced incidence of age-related

cognitive impairment.

"Achieving GRAS status makes ErgoActive(R) a marketable and valuable source

commercially," said Hadi Omrani, director of technical and regulatory affairs.

Of three relevant publications, the most recent from the Journal of Alzheimer's

Disease on March 12, 2019, was entitled "The Association between Mushroom

Consumption and Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Community-Based Cross-Sectional


The study was conducted in Singapore by a consortium effort of life science

professionals at medical schools, university bioscience departments, and

hospitals. It found that adults aged 60 years old and older who consumed fewer

mushrooms than the same control age group who consumed more mushrooms, had a

higher rate of mild cognitive impairment. The data supported an emerging

hypothesis that bioactive compounds of mushrooms and Ergo in particular may

delay the onset of neurodegeneration.

In an earlier 2016 study, authors observed a wide variation of plasma Ergo

levels between groups and suggested that a "deficiency in Ergo may be a risk

factor, predisposing individuals to neurodegenerative diseases." Participants

in the study were on average 75 years old.  This study, published in

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, was entitled "The

Ergothioneine levels in an elderly population decrease with age and incidence

of cognitive decline: a risk factor for neurodegeneration?"

The hypothesis that Ergo may play a role in reducing mild cognitive impairment

gained further support late last year when American biochemist Dr. Bruce Ames

reviewed data indicating that reduced levels of Ergo intake may lead to

oxidative damage of proteins, lipids, and DNA.  It is published in Proceedings

of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS).

In his compelling article, "Prolonging healthy aging: Longevity vitamins and

proteins," Ames describes Ergo and a handful of other dietary compounds as

"Putative Longevity Vitamins." The heart of his premise is that a lifetime of

reduced intake of Ergo and other vitamins, possibly caused by overconsumption

of processed foods or a diet lacking Ergo-rich foods, may contribute to many

age-related diseases.  Sufficient Ergo intake in turn may contribute to

healthier aging, particularly when combined with healthier eating habits.

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