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C40 World Mayors Summit(世界市長サミット)でカールスバーググループ(Carlsberg Group)は11日、持続可能資源の木繊維でできた世界初の「ペーパー」ビール用ボトルの創出に向けた行程を更新した。100%バイオベースで、完全にリサイクル可能なものである。

カールスバーグは、ビールを収納する初めての「ペーパーボトル」である「グリーンファイバー・ボトル」(Green Fibre Bottle)の新しい研究用試作モデル2種を紹介した。カールスバーグは、ペーパーボトル技術の進歩によって持続可能なパッケージングを開発するビジョンを共有する大手グローバル企業が加わったことも発表した。

このような進展は、カールスバーグの持続可能なパッケージング・イノベーションの行程、および持続可能性プログラム「Together Towards ZERO」の中核を継続するものである。それは、2030年までに醸造所での炭素排出をゼロにし、バリューチェーン全体のカーボン・フットプリントを30%削減するコミットメントを含んでいる。



カールスバーググループのミリアム・シングルトン副社長(グループ開発担当)は「われわれはパッケージング形式全体を革新し続けており、グリーンファイバー・ボトルでこれまで成し遂げた進展を喜んでいる。われわれはまだ完全には達成していないが、2種の試作モデルはこの突破口を市場にもたらすという究極の大望実現に向けた重要なステップである。イノベーションには時間がかかり、われわれは残る技術課題を克服するため、一流専門家と協力し続けるつもりである。プラスチックを削減するSnap Pack(スナップパック)でやったように」と語った。


カールスバーグは2015年、イノベーション専門のecoXpac、パッケージング企業のBillerudKorsnas、デンマーク工科大学の博士研究員らと共にInnovation Fund Denmarkの支援を得て、持続可能資源の木繊維でできたボトル「グリーンファイバー・ボトル」を開発するプログラムに着手した。このような共同作業の結果、BillerudKorsnasとボトル製造を専門とするAlplaの合弁会社であるペーパーボトル企業Paboco(R)を立ち上げるに至った。






カールスバーグが持続可能なパッケージング・イノベーションに焦点を当てるのは新しいことではない。このデンマークの醸造所は2018年、リサイクルシュリンクフィルム、環境に優しいラベルインク、ビール缶6缶のプラスチック包装を糊付けで代替する革新的な「Snap Pack」など、数多くのパッケージング・イノベーションに乗り出した。


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Carlsberg Moves a Step Closer to Creating the World's First 'Paper' Beer Bottle


COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Oct. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

- Two new research prototypes for its Green Fibre Bottle are revealed –

containing beer for the first time

- More leading companies are now committing to paper bottle technology

C40 World Mayors Summit: Carlsberg Group has today updated on its journey to

create the world's first 'paper' beer bottle made from sustainably-sourced wood

fibres that is both 100% bio-based and fully recyclable.  

Carlsberg has unveiled two new research prototypes of its Green Fibre Bottle,

which are the first 'paper bottles' to contain beer. Carlsberg also announced

it has been joined by other leading global companies who are united in their

vision of developing sustainable packaging through the advancement of paper

bottle technology.

These developments are a continuation of Carlsberg's sustainable packaging

innovation journey and a key part of its sustainability programme, Together

Towards ZERO, including its commitment to ZERO carbon emissions at its

breweries and a 30% reduction in its full value chain carbon footprint by 2030.

Two new prototypes

The two new research prototypes are made from sustainably-sourced wood fibre,

are fully recyclable and have an inner barrier to allow the bottles to contain beer.

One prototype uses a thin recycled PET polymer film barrier, and the other a 100%

bio-based PEF polymer film barrier. These prototypes will be used to test the barrier

technology as Carlsberg seeks a solution to achieve their ultimate ambition of a 100%

bio-based bottle without polymers.

Myriam Shingleton, Vice President Group Development at Carlsberg Group, said:

"We continue to innovate across all our packaging formats, and we are pleased

with the progress we've made on the Green Fibre Bottle so far. While we are not

completely there yet, the two prototypes are an important step towards realising

our ultimate ambition of bringing this breakthrough to market. Innovation takes time

and we will continue to collaborate with leading experts in order to overcome remaining

technical challenges, just as we did with our plastic-reducing Snap Pack."

New partners onboard

Carlsberg kicked off the project to develop a bottle made from sustainably sourced

wood fibres, the 'Green Fibre Bottle,' in 2015 alongside innovation experts ecoXpac,

packaging company BillerudKorsnas, and post-doctoral researchers from the Danish

Technical University, supported by Innovation Fund Denmark. These combined efforts

have resulted in the emergence of Paboco(R), the Paper Bottle Company – a joint venture

between BillerudKorsnas and bottle manufacturing specialist Alpla.

Carlsberg will now be joined by The Coca-Cola Company, The Absolut Company and

L'Oreal in a paper bottle community – launched today by Paboco(R). The community

unites leading global companies and experts with the vision of advancing sustainable

packaging, offering high-quality products while reducing their environmental impact.

Myriam Shingleton continued: "The work with our partners since 2015 on the Green Fibre Bottle

illustrates that this kind of innovation can happen when we work together. We're delighted that

other like-minded companies have now joined us as part of Paboco's paper bottle community.

Partnerships such as these, ones that are united by a desire to create sustainable innovations,

are the best way to bring about real change."

"We're driven by our constant pursuit of better, to create more sustainable packaging solutions

that help people to live more sustainable lives. Sometimes that means completely rethinking

how things are done – pushing the boundaries of existing technologies and overcoming technical

challenges as they present themselves."

Gittan Schiold, interim CEO of Paboco(R) said: "It is all about the team! We are collaborating

across the value chain, sharing the risks and are united in our vision that the paper bottle will

become a reality and fundamentally change this industry for good."

A constant pursuit of better

Carlsberg's focus on sustainable packaging innovations is not new. In 2018, the Danish brewer

launched a number of packaging innovations including recycled shrink film, greener label ink

and the innovative 'Snap Pack,' which replaces the plastic wrapping around its six-packs with

a solution that instead glues cans together.

Carlsberg's packaging improvements are part of its long-standing progress of betterment and

innovation, including developing scientific breakthroughs such as pure yeast and the pH scale.

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1008519/Carlsberg_GFB_1.jpg

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1008520/Carlsberg_GFB_2.jpg

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