Xinhua Silk Road: 2019年中国の農村再生と第1回一帯一路構想農業・農村開発フォーラム開催

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2019/12/3 16:11

Xinhua Silk Road: 2019年中国の農村再生と第1回一帯一路構想農業・農村開発フォーラム開催

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【杭州(中国)2019年12月3日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】「Chinese Rural Revitalizing 2019(2019年中国の農村再生)」、と第1回「Forum on Belt & Road Initiative Agricultural and Rural Development(一帯一路構想農業・農村開発に関するフォーラム)」が12月1日、中国東部・浙江省の省都、杭州で開催された。

国連食糧農業機関(FAO)、National Agricultural Science & Technology Innovation Alliance(国家農業科学技術革新連合)、新華社通信の中国経済情報社(China Economic Information Service、CEIS)、浙江大学の2学術研究所が共催するフォーラムは一帯一路(B&R)諸国から300人超の農業専門家やビジネスリーダーを集め、「農村改革」、「デジタル農業」、「包括的財政」などを含むトピックで、農村再生と一帯一路構想(BRI)の下での開発経路の選択について議論した。




China Society of Cooperative Economics (CSCE、中国協同組合経済協会)の会長であるスン・チョンフア会長によると、協同組合は農村再生に不可欠な力であり、新しい農業事業体の育成と規模に応じた多様な事業の発展は中国が農業近代化を実現するための避けられない道である。


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Xinhua Silk Road: Chinese Rural Revitalizing 2019 and 1st Forum on BRI Agricultural and Rural Development convened in Hangzhou


HANGZHOU, China, Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

Chinese Rural Revitalizing 2019 and the First Forum on Belt & Road Initiative

Agricultural and Rural Development convened on December 1 in Hangzhou,

capital of east China's Zhejiang Province.

Hosted by the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, National Agricultural

Science & Technology Innovation Alliance, Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering,

China Economic Information Service (CEIS) of Xinhua News Agency, and two academic

institutions from Zhejiang University, the forum attracted over 300 agricultural experts

and business leaders from the Belt and Road (B&R) countries to discuss rural revitalization

and the choices for development paths under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI),

with topics including "rural reform", "digital agriculture", "inclusive finance", etc.

The forum released a report contributed by CEIS, about the promoting of industry integration

and high-quality development in China's rural areas. The report states the recent progress of

industry integration in China's rural areas and analyzes the factors restraining the current

agricultural industry integration.

The report also says that the promotion of rural industry integration is to introduce

modern industrial development concepts and organization patterns into the agricultural

sector, and promote the industry integration in the rural areas to lay a solid foundation

for thriving rural businesses.

Xu Yuchang, chairman and president of CEIS, said that the report is the result

of a long-term focus on rural revitalization and development by CEIS. He also

revealed that CEIS will not only provide its services for the national strategy

implementation and local economic and social development but also continue to

pay more attention to and help with rural revitalization and prosperity in the future.

Cooperatives represent an essential force for rural revitalization, and

cultivating new agricultural operation entities and developing diversified

operations with due scale is inevitable routes for China to realize agriculture

modernization, according to Sun Zhonghua, chairman of China Society of

Cooperative Economics (CSCE).

The cooperation between government and enterprises will effectively empower

rural development, according to the experts attending the forum. For example, a

company in Zhejiang promoted the classification of household waste in rural

areas by integrating operations and management with a cloud platform, making

rural household waste classification intelligent and standardized.

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