Korber to Shape Supply Chain of the Future in Latin America With Majority Stake Investment in Otimis

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2020/1/9 09:17

Korber to Shape Supply Chain of the Future in Latin America With Majority Stake Investment in Otimis


HAMBURG, Germany and BLUMENAU, Brazil, Jan. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

The Korber Group [https://www.koerber.com/en] continues to invest in its

Business Area Logistics Systems

[https://www.koerber-logistics.com/en/home.html], acquiring a majority stake in

Brazil-based Otimis [http://www.otimis.com/en] Ltda. The supply chain

management software and consulting company grows and strengthens warehousing

and logistics operations for customers across the globe. The acquisition became

effective as of December 18, 2019.

In light of advances in technology and digitization of supply chain processes,

companies are looking for supply chain technology partners that can service

them on a global basis. To address this market demand for global providers,

Korber Logistics Systems has extended its service and support capabilities into

Latin America with addition of Otimis. Otimis extends Korber's existing

customer service capabilities in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific

(APAC) region.

Otimis has been an implementation partner and reseller of the supply chain

management solutions of Korber Logistics' [

https://www.koerber-logistics.com/en/home.html] company HighJump [

https://www.koerber-logistics.com/en/company/highjump.html] since 2004. By

joining Korber, Otimis now has access to a complete portfolio of supply chain

technologies including supply chain management software, industrial voice

solutions, autonomous mobile robotics (AMR) and material handling automation.

Otimis has locations in Blumenau and São Paulo, Brazil and Santiago, Chile,

with plans for expansion in Mexico. This follows Korber's recent acquisition of

the majority stake in the Cohesio Group [


the leading integrator of voice-directed and AMR solutions for logistics in


"This is a further component of our successful internationalization strategy,"

says Stephan Seifert, Chairman of the Executive Board of Korber AG. "With

Otimis, we have an ideal basis for further growth in Latin America and for

offering our customers market-leading logistics solutions."

"The trusted and successful cooperation that has grown over the years between

HighJump and Otimis has encouraged us to take the next step - bringing Otimis

under the Korber umbrella," adds Dirk Hejnal, CEO of the Business Area

Logistics Systems. "Essentially a beachhead in the region, the addition of

Otimis to Korber Logistics empowers us, along with companies worldwide, with

another means to think globally, while executing locally."

Hélcio Lenz, founder and CEO of Otimis, says: "Our local roots coupled with the

strength of the global Korber network are ideal prerequisites for sustainable

growth for us and our customers. The entire Otimis team and I look forward to

being part of Korber and shaping the supply chain of the future together."

About Korber

Korber AG is the holding company of an international technology group with

around 10,000 employees worldwide. The Group unites technologically leading

companies with more than 100 production, service and sales locations. Korber

combines the advantages of a globally represented organization with the

strengths of highly specialized and flexible medium-sized companies that offer

their customers solutions, products and services in the Business Areas Korber

Digital, Logistics Systems, Pharma Systems, Tissue and Tobacco.

About Korber Logistics Systems

The Business Area Logistics Systems is a leading provider of fully integrated

applications for optimizing complex internal and external logistics processes.

Under the Korber Logistics

umbrella brand, this Business Area supplies digitized solutions for smart

factories (production logistics), warehouses, distribution centers, e-commerce,

and the controlling of entire supply chains. The umbrella brand unites the

companies Aberle and Consoveyo (systems integration), Langhammer and Riantics

(product solutions), as well as Aberle Software, Cirrus Logistics, Cohesio

Group, DMLogic, HighJump, Inconso and Voiteq (software) in three Business

Units. These offer a comprehensive range of products and services encompassing

everything from systems integration to warehousing, palletizing, depalletizing,

materials handling technology, and software.

About Otimis Ltda.

Otimis Ltda., headquartered in Blumenau, Brazil, provides some of the

world-leading supply chain management software, with highly specialized

services and support for greater adherence and efficiency to the tools offered

to the market. As a long-term partner of HighJump, a Korber Logistics Business

Unit Software company, Otimis is known for cloud and on-premise warehouse

management systems (WMS) and other solutions to enhance and automate

fulfillment in today's complex supply chain landscape.

Further information on www.koerber.com/en, www.koerber-logistics.com and


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