Hainan: Jade Cliffs to Ocean Paradise (English Edition) is Launched in Beijing, Telling the Hainan Story

The Dept of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Hainan Province

2020/9/16 18:10

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BEIJING, Sept. 16, 2020 /Xinhua=KYODO JBN/--


On September 9, to help overseas readers learn more about Hainan, the Beijing

branch of the Commercial Press launched the book entitled "Stories between the

Sea and Sky - Hainan: Jade Cliffs to Ocean Paradise". It is a book in English

jointly published by the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Culture,

Media and Sports and the Commercial Press. Written by eight senior media

professionals from 5 countries, the book introduces geologic wonders, history,

ecology, and social and economic life of Hainan Island. It is a great book for

overseas readers who want to learn more about Hainan.


At the book launch, Zhao Haiyun, Deputy Director of the Import and Export

Bureau of the Publicity Department of the Chinese Communist Party, Sun Ying,

Director of the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Culture, Media and

Sports, Li Yan, Director and General Manager of China Publishing and Media Co.,

Ltd., and Gu Qing, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Director of

the Commercial Press jointly unveiled the new book, announced the official

launch of Hainan: Jade Cliffs to Ocean Paradise and recommended the book to

readers around the globe.


A Window to the Hainan Free Trade Port


In her speech, Sun Ying thanked the authors and the editorial team of Hainan:

Jade Cliffs to Ocean Paradise for their hard work, making the book best

interpret cultural and tourism integration in Hainan. She introduced Hainan's

colorful cultural tourism resources, stories relating to the free trade port

construction, and the significance of the island to the ancient Maritime Silk

Road. Sun Ying said that she hopes the book would become a window to the

island, convey the voice of the people on the island, and help more foreign

friends learn about Hainan and China.


Gu Qing said in his speech that after reading the book, many people would find

out that Hainan is also a paradise with unlimited potential and a lot to offer

to tourists from around the world.


Zhao Haiyun expressed full support for the cooperation between competent

Chinese publishing companies and local cultural and tourism organizations in

the promotion of the island's culture. Telling the Hainan story in a certain

sense is telling stories of China's economic reform, state governance, and

Chinese people pursuing their dreams.


A Global Perspective on the Beauty of Hainan


It is learned that in the English title of the book Hainan: Jade Cliffs to

Ocean Paradise, "Jade Cliffs" is inspired by the ancient name of Hainan "qiong

ya" while the expression "Ocean Paradise" conveys the message that Hainan is a

perfect tropical getaway. As part of The World of Chinese Magazine's

Contemporary China Series, the book is another masterpiece that introduces the

culture of Hainan and tells the Chinese story to overseas readers.


At the book launch, Chu Dandan, vice president of The World of Chinese

introduced the highlights of the book, and shared a video shot with drones

about the adventure of the team in Hainan. One of the writers of the book,

Hatty Liu from Canada, read her chapter about laoba cha, or "Daddy Tea".


Unlike other travel guides that only write about places to go for fun or food,

this book focuses on what overseas tourists are most interested in, tells the

story of Hainan from seven angles, and answers the question why you should

visit Hainan. Chapter 1 "Nature" introduces the volcano, rainforest, rivers,

and protected animals on the island; Chapter 2 "Island Paradise" introduces the

beautiful seashore and a host of sports and activities around the island;

Chapter 3 "History" tells stories about local literati, the Maritime Silk Road,

foreign exchanges, capturing the history and reality of Hainan; Chapter 4

"Culture" introduces Li and Miao ethnic groups, fishermen's traditions and

culture, Nanshan blessing ceremony, and other cultural aspects of the island,

inviting tourists to embark on a journey which will offer them an opportunity

to reflect on themselves and broaden their horizons; Chapter 5 "Food and Drink"

offers a guide on cuisine, must-eat delicacies, party drinks, and fruit in

Hainan; Chapter 6 "Resort" introduces Hainan's high-end hotels, festivals, and

outdoor sports; Chapter 7 "Hainan Today" introduces the construction of the

free trade port, health tourism, and the future of technology and depicts the

new landscape of all-round opening-up in Hainan.


The book contains a "Chinese You Need" section, integrating language teaching

into the introduction of tourism and culture. It selects four Chinese

characters Sea, Sky, Fun, and Travel which condense the essence of tourist

experiences in Hainan, explains the origin of Chinese characters, highlights

the beauty of Chinese characters, and shows how to use Chinese expressions

during the trips to China.


The appendix of the book includes a list of Level-A scenic spots in Hainan,

which lists the names and addresses of scenic spots on the island by

administrative division. Inside the dust jacket of the book is a hand-drawn

sightseeing map of the whole island, showing the top attractions described in

the book. Tourists can take it down and read it carefully to find attractions

they are interested in.


The World of Chinese Magazine's Contemporary China Series, including Hainan:

Jade Cliffs to Ocean Paradise was published simultaneously in both digital and

printed forms, and distributed globally in more than 60 countries. Over 400

libraries, 500 Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms, and many

international mainstream reading platforms and library databases have included

this series in their collections.


Source: The Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of

Hainan Province


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