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2021/6/10 17:32



SHENZHEN, China, June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --


- Petal Search has grown significantly over the past year to help its users

explore the world better with enhanced features, better user experience, and

more access points


Since its launch back in May 2020, Petal Search, has undergone several

iterations of updates and vastly expanded its arsenal of capabilities to better

serve its users globally.


Petal Search is an AI-powered mobile search engine that makes it easy to find

virtually anything online, from news and nearby services, to great shopping

offers, travel deals, and more.


Within a short frame of time of just 12 months, Petal Search has won the hearts

of users everywhere. Being a Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) native search engine,

it leverages Huawei's innovative technology and search engine partnerships and

has helped propelled the userbase across the HMS ecosystem to over 730 million

Huawei users across 170 countries and regions around the world, helping users

find what they need across 20 plus categories, including shopping, travel,

news, and more.


Petal Search provides its users with cognitive search capabilities that greatly

enhance the way they explore the world, empowering them to find everything they

need easily. This dedication to its users is reflected in the search engine's

ongoing effort to introduce new features and capabilities over the last year.


'1+8+N' All-Scenario Strategy Delivers Complete Accessibility


As part of the company's '1+8+N' all-scenario strategy, Huawei users can also

access the search engine across several devices – on Visions, tablets and more.

This means that users can enjoy the same level of powerful search capabilities

regardless of their device of choice.


In addition, Petal Search is now providing search service for Huawei Visions,

enabling users to effortlessly search for both local and online content. Huawei

will continue to work towards rolling out the search engine to more other

devices in the near future.


Petal Search Offering All-In-One Search Experience


Huawei is committed to delivering a comprehensive search experience through

Petal Search, offering users the freedom, choice and flexibility to search for

the things they want in the way they want.


To realise this goal, Petal Search aggregates information from across 20

verticals and works with over 3,000 business partners from various industries

to curate a search experience populated with high-quality content and services.

Thanks to these collaborations, users will find that whether it is looking for

the latest training gear or luxurious local hotel for a staycation, the results

they need are right there on Petal Search.


In addition, Petal Search users can share their preferences with the search

engine, allowing it to provide them with recommendations that are tailored just

for them. This means that with each search, Petal Search can better understand

each user to provide increasingly more accurate and relevant results and

enhance the search efficiency.


Petal Search has also introduced Visual and Voice search capabilities so that

users have more than one way to search for what they need, enhancing the

overall convenience and experience by multi-fold.


With Visual Search, users can get relevant results based on the image and photo

shared, so while an image of a cookie can bring up recipes or bakeries nearby,

a photo of an influencer will return links to shopping sites with the exact

apparel. Petal Search also offers a hands-free Voice Search feature that is

particularly useful when users are multi-tasking. So regardless of whether a

user is looking up the opening hours of a restaurant in the car, or checking

the correct ingredient measurement for a recipe while baking, Voice Search

offers them the same powerful Petal Search experience to help meet their search



Localised and Convenient With 'Nearby' tab


Furthermore, users can now search for nearby places such as restaurants, shops

and services, with the recently introduced 'Nearby' tab. The search experience

is further enhanced by useful suggestions tailored based on user interests and

preferences, enabling them to quickly browse top locations and services within



In fact, Petal Search is every user's good companion when they are out and

about. Whether it is looking for a nearby café, shopping mall, or even

attractions, Petal Search will be able to return the relevant information for

the user. To further facilitate the decision-making process, the search engine

offers an at-a-glance overview of the necessary details including proximity,

opening hours, overall reviews from other users, and more.


No two Petal Search experience is alike


Users may also share their preferences with Petal Search to receive

customisable and personalised recommendations. The 'Petal Go' tab offers users

access to an overview of relevant information, such as their schedule and

recommended reads, across two categories, 'My Day' and 'Moments'.


Furthermore, to better cater to the diverse needs of users globally, Petal

Search recently introduced several new features in the form of 'CARDS' to

provide unprecedented convenience to supercharge users' digital lifestyles,

such as booking tickets, express, coupon and recipe CARD services. These cards

present specific information in a concise and visually rich way, allowing users

to pick up on the details they need in a single look.


Petal Search Is Dedicated to a Private and Secure Search Experience


Petal Search is steadfast in its commitment to helping users across the world

to find what they are looking for and curate high quality content, all while

keeping users' data safe, private, and secure. The HMS native search tool

brings the advantage together in hardware-based security and safety

technologies, with the unparalleled privacy standards set by leading European

privacy-by-design search engines.


Petal Search is certified with the ePrivacyseal data protection( )

and GDPR compliances. Furthermore, the search engine complies with security

policies, laws, and regulations in every country in which it is available,

ensuring the privacy of consumers is protected.


Additionally, Petal Search also offers a Safe Search function to safely display

search results to users, as well as notifying users the source of information

to ensure only authentic results are displayed. User can select between three

settings – strict, medium, or disabled – to display only the results that meet

the requirements of each level and improve user experience.


Huawei continues to enhance Petal Search's All-in-One Search Experience for

Users and Partners


Petal Search is committed to elevating the All-in-One search experience for

both users and partners, focusing on several key direction to develop the next

generation of Petal Search. This includes refining search results through

further localisation, as well as contextualising search terms based on

user-behaviour to bring a more tailored search experience across the board.


The search engine will also look towards powering the search experience with AI

technology to facilitate a faster and more accurate search results across

Vertical, Visual, Social, Voice and Assistive search. Huawei will also explore

bringing Petal Search to more mediums beyond web search, including formats such

as text-to-image, videos, AR/VR, and more.


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