【Kurayoshi 18 Years awarded “Japanese Whisky of the Year” in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2022!】

【Kurayoshi 18 Years awarded “Japanese Whisky of the Year” in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2022!】



“Matsui Pure Malt Whisky The Kurayoshi 18 years” from the Kurayoshi Distillery (based in Kurayoshi City, Tottori prefecture, Japan) was chosen as “Japanese Whisky of the Year” by Jim Murray in his “Whisky Bible 2022”.


■Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2022

It was organized by one of the most renowned whisky journalists, Jim Murray, who is described as "The man who has visited more distilleries globally than any person". The result was announced in his 19th edition. Only the finest whiskies in each category are awarded. This year over 4300 whiskies were tasted and rated by Jim Murray. The book is named "Whisky Bible, it is described as:


"This is the most comprehensive, internationally influential and thoroughly researched guide to all the world's whiskies. In terms of whisky, this is the gospel"


(About the author https://www.whiskybible.com/about/)



- Japanese Pure Malt of the Year & Japanese Whisky of the Year -

Matsui Pure Malt Whisky The Kurayoshi 18 Years


With his superbly unique expressions in his tasting notes, the Whisky Bible has become an event where the international spirits industry pays close attention.


■The Kurayoshi 18 Years awarded “Japanese Whisky of the Year”

The Kurayoshi 18 Years was chosen as “Japanese Whisky of the Year”, which is the highest praise in the Japanese Whisky Category.


Experts from the tasting comment given to The Kurayoshi 18 Years:

― “There is a depth beyond the simple broadcast of sugar and grist. Sugars are extracted from the tannings, also and these have a spicy hue. This is all about layering and subtlety, and it is hard to imagine that they could have got it better than this... Definitely knocking on the door as Japanese Whisky of the Year.”


The Kurayoshi 18 Years is, by exquisitely blending technique, vatted with carefully selected malt whiskies matured in American White Oak for more than 18 years. The long-term maturation gives it a rich and deep flavor with a very smooth mouthfeel for being 50%, using fine spring water from Mountain Daisen. This is a rare and premium gem.


Including this award-winning one, Matsui Whisky is widely available all over the globe.

For availability in your country, please contact us.

Email: info@matsuiwhisky.com


We are truly pleased to have our whiskies honorably awarded.

We will continue to produce better liquor and make people happy through it.


■Kurayoshi Distillery

Kurayoshi Distillery is based in Kurayoshi City, Tottori prefecture, Japan, producing Whisky, Gin, and Umeshu (Japanese Ume plum liqueur). Matsui Whisky brand, such as The Matsui Single Malt Whisky, and “Kurayoshi (City)”, “Tottori (Prefecture)” and “San-in (Region)” named after the hometown, is now widely available in over 60 countries.




Matsui Pure Malt Whisky The Kurayoshi 18 Years

Volume:700 ml / 750ml (US)



Barrel:American White Oak



Matsui Shuzo An Unlimited Partnership

Chiyoda Bldg. East 3F, 2-9-4 Higashi-Temma, Kita-ku, Osaka City, 530-0044 Japan Japan


Kurayoshi Distillery

656-1 Kamifurukawa, Kurayoshi City, Tottori


For inquiry regarding this press release:

Email: info@matsuiwhisky.com


Official Website: https://matsuiwhisky.com/en/




Weibo: https://onl.tw/h6F31vk





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