Four Representative Festivals Held at Suwon Hwaseong Fortress

Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival Promotion Committee



SUWON, South Korea, Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --


Four landmark campaigns, "Suwon Hwaseong Media Art Show", "World Heritage

Festival – Suwon Hwaseong", "Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival", and "King

Jeongjo's Tomb Parade Reenactment" will be held in Suwon to provide

opportunities to enjoy aesthetic values to citizens suffered from COVID-19

mental fatigue.


"Suwon Hwaseong Media Art Show" is the event portraying Suwon Hwaseong with

light layers as the "Innovative New Town" once dreamt by King Jeongjo, the 22nd

ruler of the Joseon Dynasty. 3D images and illuminations will draw the King's

will to reform the nation, filial piety for his tragically deceased father,

love for his people, and grand ambition of the ideal nation.


Under the theme of "Mancheon Myeongwol (Bright Moon on a Starry Night): King

Jeongjo's Dream Comes True", media facades will appear at Hwahongmun Gate,

Namsumun Gate, Suwoncheon Liver and Maehyanggyo Bridge.


The Suwon Cultural Foundation has appointed Dr. Lee Chang-Geun, the expert on

digital cultural heritage, as the Director of the Production Board, with Ahn

Ji-Hyeong as a media producer,Lee Seung-Geun as a media director, Park

Jun-Hyeok as a digital director and Kim Hyeon-Hoe as a technical director.


"World Heritage Festival – Suwon Hwaseong" will be held from October 1 to 22.

Under the theme of "Memories of 226 Years Become Our Dreams", visitors can

enjoy performance celebrating artisans and craftsmen, Madangnori performance,

puppet shows and other attractions. A variety of experience events will also

take place. This festival was initiated by the Cultural Heritage Administration

in 2020, and Suwon's framework plan was ranked first in 2022 Cultural



From October 7, it's time for another landmark festival to make an appearance –

"59th Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival", demonstrating how this UNESCO World

Heritage was constructed. For three days, a variety of attractions will wait

visitors, such as a performance illustrating Hyegyeonggung (King's mother),

sand art-based plays, Gwageo (national civil service examinations), Hanbok

experience, and various exhibitions.


"King Jeongjo's Tomb Parade Reenactment" is the one of the largest national

events and royal parade reenactment, which will run 59.2 km from Changdeokgung

Palace, Seoul to Yeungneug Tomb from October 8 to 9, with King Jeongjo and his

court, to reenact long-distance royal procession held for his mother in 1795.


"We will do our best," said Oh Su-jeong of Suwon Cultural Foundation, "to make

a global festival people around the world want to visit and enjoy."


Source: Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival Promotion Committee


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   Caption: Performance with beautiful illumination and Suwon Hwaseong Fortress in the

background, at Suwon’s landmark festival 'Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival'.