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- Company adding capacity to produce ETHANOX(TM) 4757 aminic antioxidant in



SI Group, a leading performance additives company, announced today it will add

manufacturing capabilities and capacity to begin producing ETHANOX(TM) 4757

aminic antioxidant (

) at its Rasal, India facility. ETHANOX(TM) 4757 is an octylated-butylated

diphenylamine primary antioxidant used in lubricants, greases, industrial,

automotive and heat transfer fluids. Commercial materials are anticipated to be

available in Q4 2022 and will add several thousand tons of availability of this

critical chemistry.


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This new product complements SI Group's existing range of antioxidants for

lubricants and will strengthen the company's product offerings for lubricant

customers. ETHANOX(TM) 4757 aminic antioxidant is designed to extend the life

of lubricants and is a crucial part of additive packages. "SI Group has been a

leading supplier of phenolic antioxidants for decades and we're excited to

expand our portfolio to include aminic antioxidants. Leveraging our backward

integration, SI Group will be able to offer our customers additional security

of supply for this key material," said Stuart McTavish, Market Development

Manager – Fuel and Lubricant Additives at SI Group.


SI Group continues to create value for its lubricant customers through its

offerings. "We are committed to the lubricant market and delivering solutions

that meet the industry's needs. Aminic antioxidants are vital to lubricant

additive packages and by adding capacity in this key region, our customers

around the world will benefit," said Chuck Reardon, VP – Industrial Solutions

at SI Group.


SI Group markets its fuel and lubricants antioxidant portfolio under the

ETHANOX(TM) brand name. ETHANOX(TM) 4757 antioxidant can be utilized across a

variety of industrial, grease, and transportation lubricant applications.


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SI Group is a global leader in the innovative technology of performance

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intermediates. SI Group solutions are essential to enhancing the quality and

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employees worldwide. In 2021, SI Group received a gold award for corporate

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more than 50,000 worldwide companies. SI Group innovates and drives change to

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