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AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --


-- Kubernetes Edge and IoT Services Company also Closes Investment by SoftBank

Group to Accelerate Development of Izuma Cloud Edge Services


Izuma Networks (


), the new edge computing services provider, today announced that it has

completed an acquisition of Pelion's Device Management business, a leading IoT

services platform. Izuma Networks, founded earlier this year by Travis McCollum

and Ed Hemphill, veterans of the IoT industry, will focus on the rapidly

expanding market for edge computing services. McCollum and Hemphill formerly

founded WigWag, an Austin-based startup acquired by Arm in 2019.


Izuma Networks closed an investment by SoftBank Group which will be used to

hire new talent and improve IoT services previously under Pelion Device

Management, with a focus on development and dev-ops. The funding will also go

towards streamlining and integrating edge and IoT services under one umbrella.


"The acquisition of Pelion Device Management will allow us to provide

long-term, reliable technology to our customers through changes to our cloud

and licensing offerings. With the advent of more complex applications such as

AI models running on richer edge compute and microcontroller platforms  and the

amount of data that 5G can transmit with more data hungry sensor and imagery

components, moving IoT applications toward the edge is fundamental." Said Ed

Hemphill, Co-Founder and CEO of Izuma. "The funding from Softbank will allow

the Company to focus on streamlining and integrating our edge and IoT

offerings, as well as providing new offerings to help our customers meet the

rapidly changing regulatory and security requirements around the world."


With constant changes in major providers offerings, such as the recently

announced shutdown of Google's IoT Core Services product, the team at Izuma

Networks is focused on providing a pure play IoT and Edge service with long

term support which is cloud provider independent. The team is hyperfocused on

making changes to their cloud and license offerings that will provide

assurances to major enterprise customers building solutions with decade and

longer product life cycles.


"We are excited to partner with two proven entrepreneurs in building out the

Izuma Networks multi-cloud, edge compute offering for IoT services" said

Alexander Fortmuller, Director of Investing for SoftBank Group International.  

"Our investment in Izuma marks a further acceleration in the journey towards

the proliferation of IoT Services and Edge Compute begun under Pelion Device



About Izuma Networks (www.izumanetworks.com)

Izuma Networks offers a globally available edge computing and Internet of

Things management service. With the acquisition of the Pelion Device Management

business, Izuma Networks is a leader in both edge computing services and IoT

services. Izuma Cloud is the Company's unified solution for both IoT deployment

and management of devices, as well as application orchestration and remote

management at the Edge.


Izuma Networks edge computing offering includes Izuma Edge, an Apache 2.0

licensed software stack which can live on any x86 or Arm 64-bit class product.

This stack allows customers to deploy applications using Kubernetes APIs and

provides critical remote management services for operators deploying dozens to

thousands of remote gateways or edge servers. Izuma Client, formerly Pelion

Device Management Client, is a lightweight portable stack for connecting IoT

devices to the Izuma Cloud. The Izuma Client has sophisticated firmware updates

and Lightweight M2M data services. Both the Edge and Client stacks provide

robust security through secure boot support and Root of Trust management.


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