The World's First Electric Rearview Mirror For Motorcycle Vision 180, The Smartest Helmet Dashcam Kit With Mounted HUD

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TAIPEI, Mar. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --


- HUD AR Technology Brings the View Behind to Your Eyes, While Real-time

Navigation Improves Safety and Convenience for Riders Worldwide


Riders worldwide increasingly favor motorcycle dashcams with both front and

back cameras powered by AR (Augmented Reality) for a safe ride. CREACT's Vision

180 Motorcycle Helmet Dashcam Kit with HUD (Head-Up-Display) Technology

installed inside the helmet with three switchable functions—navigation, front

mirror, and rear mirror. It acts as an AR rear mirror to substantially enhance

safety during a motorcycle ride. HUD displays navigational information right

before you, so you don't have to look down at phone screens. It is intuitive

and easy to use.


Vision 180 is the world's first easily installable motorcycle dashcam with

dual-lens AR real-time navigation, rear screen and driving recorder. The

primary unit has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing users to review

recordings straight from their mobile phones and pair the mobile phone's audio

system with Bluetooth to take calls or listen to the music while riding. The

Sony CMOS sensors remedied the challenges of dimming nighttime lighting and

hazy vision brought on by rainy weather. The front and rear wide-angle lenses

have 120 degrees of view capacity. Vision 180 can better grasp the overall road

situation with its 120-degrees view capacity lens, and tilted 15 degrees rear



Unlike many dashcam products, Vision 180 is compatible with most full or ¾ hood

motorcycle helmets without drilling or pulling wires. It can be conveniently

implemented or removed with a snap holder or GoPro accessories instead of

Velcro straps, making it safer and less likely to fall off. CREACT's

exclusively-designed rotating shaft can be adjusted according to personal

riding habits. Rechargeable batteries with a 3.5-hour lifespan per single

charge relieve any concerns about running out of electronic power while riding.

The smaller 2nd-generation HUD, and the soft lens screen material (non-glass

silica gel) makes the screen endurable against cracking, washing, and pinching,

thus improving user safety.


CREACT was awarded the Taipei City Entrepreneurship Incentives and has achieved

a 1080% fundraising size. It enrolled in CES 2021, the largest consumer

electronics exhibition in the world, with its breakthrough technology. Vision

180 products have also obtained Taiwan NCC, Japan TELEC, PSE, UN38.3, and other



Creact Technology Inc.

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