Launching an Innovative Product, PlaClin-M, for Safe Environments in the Pandemic Era.




SEOUL, South Korea, March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --


CodeSteri, a leading provider of disinfection solutions, is proud to announce

the launch of PlaClin-M, a revolutionary device designed to help ensure a clean

and safe environment in offices, commercial establishments, and public spaces.

CodeSteri started from the Korean government project to combat new infectious

diseases by the incumbent professor and MD of Hanyang University Emergency

Medicine, Seoul.


CodeSteri, with a $4.2M grant from the Korean government, developed 'PlaClin'

after 5 years of R&D efforts with top experts in related fields commencing from

2015 when Mers hit Korea hard. PlaClin was awarded as an "Innovative Product"

by the Ministry of Science and ICT and patented in USA and Korea.


The PlaClin solution is widely used by public sector agencies in Korea. The

ambulances run by the government gained a big increase in operational

effectiveness and cost savings by reducing the wait (reuse) time of Covid-19

carrying ambulances after disinfection from 1~2 hour to 10 to 20 minutes by

switching to the PlaClin solution.


PlaClin-M is a compact and easy-to-use device that can be quickly utilised in

any space.


With enhanced mobility and cordless convenience, the PlaClin-M is well suited

for the disinfection of cruise ships, airplanes, trains, subways, etc. where

space can be easily infected with crowded people and needs to be disinfected

within a short time. Such airlines as Korean Airlines, Japan Airlines, and

other major airlines can benefit a lot from using innovative PlaClin solutions.

If PlaClin-M is used in the disinfection of airlines, they can save a huge time

in reusing the planes and cost paying to airports by reducing the disinfection

time by more than half. Major cruise lines such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean,

Norwegian, etc. can enjoy mass infection-free operation with PlaClin-M. They

can offer more safe travel environments to their customers and cost saving to



New infectious diseases with high mortality and contagiousness occur

periodically at intervals of 3 to 4 years worldwide and are expected to repeat

in the future as evidenced by Swine Flu 2009, Ebola 2013, Mers 2015, and Covid

2019. With the current saturated vaccination rate of Covid-19 and unscientific,

time and labor-consuming disinfection globally, an innovative technology of

PlaClin solutions well deserves attention from other governments and leading

companies in the efforts to safeguard our environments from the pandemic.


PlaClin solution is eco-friendly disinfection harmless to both humans and

devices, with FDA and CE certifications. It offers wide protection from cold,

flu, food poisoning, and tuberculosis to high levels of sterilization in

intensive care units, operating rooms, etc. "As a life-saving technology in the

post Covid-19 era, the PlaClin-M is the essential device that provides safe and

hygienic environments for workplaces and public spaces," said Tae Ho Lim Ph.D.,

founder, and CEO of CodeSteri received 4 awards from ministers and 2 CES

Innovation Awards. PlaClin-M is available now for purchase on CodeSteri and website.


JungChi Seo, PhD

+82 10 5446 4996




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   Caption: PlaClin-M is a revolutionary disinfection device developed by CodeSteri of

South Korea that helps protect people from the spread of new infectious

diseases, viruses and bacteria, etc. The device uses advanced plasma technology

to quickly and effectively disinfect any surface and space in a matter of