More than 40 academicians participated in the "Taihu Talent Summit" in east China's Wuxi

The Organizing Committee of Taihu Talent Summit



WUXI, China, May 25, 2023 /Xinhua=KYODO JBN/--


On May 24, the 2023 Taihu Talent Summit opened in Wuxi, east China's city,

known as the "Pearl of Lake Taihu", with more than 40 academicians from China

and abroad in attendance. Several academicians' innovative projects were signed

during the event, and there was also a themed academicians lunch. The

organizers arranged tables for academicians and entrepreneurs according to

industry sectors, aiming to foster innovative solutions to practical industrial

problems during the conference, according to the organizing committee of Taihu

Talent Summit.


Located in the middle of the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, Wuxi City

is renowned for its culture of honoring knowledge and practicality. In 2022,

Wuxi's total economic output reached 1,485.082 billion yuan. Previously, Wuxi

had hosted five consecutive sessions of the Taihu Talent Summit, attracting a

total of 136 Nobel laureates and academicians from China and abroad to engage

in exchanges and collaborations. This event has facilitated the mutual

development of Wuxi's prosperous industrial foundation and talented

individuals. In this year's discussions, keywords include universities/research

institutes, academicians, alumni, and outstanding individuals from local

communities, as they all contribute to the integration and development of

industries and talents.


During the opening ceremony, the team led by Academician Ding Rongjun received

100 million yuan in support from the local government for their outstanding

contributions in the field of intelligent transportation. Academician Ding

Rongjun mentioned that two years ago, he came to Wuxi with eight young people

to start a business. Today, the team has grown to 153 members and has obtained

78 patents. He deeply appreciates Wuxi's emphasis on scientific and

technological innovation and its value for talents.


Du Xiaogang, the Secretary of the Wuxi Municipal Committee of the CPC, stated

that regardless of when or in what capacity talents come to Wuxi, they will

find a place in this "picturesque land of Jiangnan area". Wuxi is committed to

becoming the first destination for returning overseas talents, the preferred

place for innovation and entrepreneurship, and the optimal city for business



Source: The Organizing Committee of Taihu Talen Summit