Ferretti's first-quarter performance shines, with the new shipyard put into operation

Weichai Power Co.,Ltd/Ferrietti Group

MILAN, May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 16, 2024, local time in Italy, Ferretti Group Chairman Tan Xuguang hosted an on-site meeting of the Italian Ferretti company's board of directors at Milan headquarters, fully affirmed the continuous growth of the company's performance in the first quarter, and claimed to comprehensively build up a sustainable and high-quality operational competitive advantage.



In 2012, Weichai Group strategically reorganized the Italian Ferretti Group, which was on the verge of bankruptcy, saving Italy's "crown jewel" and more than 2,000 Italian families. After 12 years of strategic linkage, business integration, and cultural integration, Ferretti has gone from bankruptcy and reorganization to a high-speed development track, becoming the first company in the world to be listed in Hong Kong, China and Milan, Italy! Today, Ferretti has become a stage for more than 4,000 families to gain happiness, contributing to the stable development of local Italy.


Tan Xuguang led a team to conduct an intensive investigation of the La Spezia, Ravenna Shipyard and Forli Shipyard under the Ferretti Group, and learned about product development, manufacturing, order delivery, technical transformation projects and other related situations on the spot. On the basis of thorough research, Tan Xuguang conducted face-to-face discussions with Ferretti's front-line technical, sales, production managers and employees, and delivered an impromptu keynote speech on the spot.


Weichai Group's strategic reorganization of the Italian Ferretti Group has achieved great success. Both parties have amazed the world with their heavy achievements and built a new model of Sino-Italian business cooperation.


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