◎アジアでIssueNet債券シンジケートシステム  アイプリオ


2013/1/30 14:55

◎アジアでIssueNet債券シンジケートシステム  アイプリオ

AsiaNet 51983

共同JBN 0099 (2013.1.30)

【香港2013年1月30日JBN=共同JBN】金融市場と企業専門職向けのマーケットインテリジェンスと生産性ソリューションのグローバルプロバイダーであるアイプリオ(Ipreo)は、同社のIssueNet債券シンジケートプラットフォームのアジアへの導入に成功したと発表した。最初のディールは2013年1月28日の韓国南部発電(Korea Southern Power)による起債で、共同幹事はバークレイズとドイツ銀行、シティ、ロイヤル・バンク・オブ・スコットランド(RBS)だった。


アイプリオの上級副社長兼Global Fixed-Income Capital Marketsゼネラルマネジャーであるアレン・ウィリアム氏は「IssueNetは債券市場の主要新発債の中核ハブとして長年わたり機能してきたが、アジアでもこの種の情報連絡機能への実需があった。われわれは今回の最初の取引が成功したことをうれしく思う。引き続きアジアの銀行コミュニティーに革新的な資本調達ソリューションを提供することに全力を挙げていく」と語った。





Kate McKay,



Ipreo Brings IssueNet Connectivity To Asia


HONG KONG, Jan. 30, 2013 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

             -- First live fixed-income deal in Asia driven by

                   Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Citi and RBS

Ipreo, a leading global provider of market intelligence and productivity

solutions to capital markets and corporate professionals, announced the

successful launch of their IssueNet fixed-income syndicate platform in Asia.

The first deal run was the Korea Southern Power offering on January 28, 2013.

The joint leads on the deal were Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Citi, and RBS.

IssueNet is a unique community of member banks, linked via a technology

platform that gives syndicate connectivity across the market, allowing orders

and allocations to flow between banks without manual intervention. IssueNet was

launched in 2003 to support the increasing complexity and global nature of

fixed-income new-issuance. Today, IssueNet remains the only system with the

capability to connect syndicate members and enable deal execution in this

fashion, with well over 50 member banks, including all of the top-tier European

and global investment banks.

"IssueNet has long been the core hub of primary new-issuance in the

fixed-income community, and there has been a real need for this type of

connectivity in Asia," said Allen Williams, EVP and Managing Director of Global

Fixed-Income Capital Markets at Ipreo. "We're very pleased by the success of

this first deal, and are committed to continuing to deliver innovative

capital-raising solutions to the banking community in Asia."

About Ipreo

Ipreo is a global leader in providing market intelligence, data, and technology

solutions to all participants in the global capital markets, including

sell-side banks, publicly traded companies, and buy-side institutions. From new

issuance through ongoing investor management, our unique solutions drive

connectivity and efficiency throughout all stages of the capital-raising

process. Ipreo is a KKR portfolio company with more than 650 employees

supporting clients in every major financial center around the world. For more

information, please go to www.ipreo.com.

    SOURCE: Ipreo

    CONTACT: Kate McKay, +1-212-849-5060, kate.mckay@ipreo.com