◎ヘリウムなしのベンチトップMRIスキャナーを5台受注 MR Solutions

MR Solutions

2013/2/20 13:40

◎ヘリウムなしのベンチトップMRIスキャナーを5台受注 MR Solutions

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共同JBN 0177 (2013.2.20)

【ロンドン2013年2月20日】昨年末に画期的なヘリウム不要の3テスラのベンチトップMRIスキャナーを発売して以来、MR Solutionsは世界各地の大学や病院の研究部門からこの革命的装置5台を設置する注文を受けた。



このスキャナーは新しい超伝導ワイヤを組み込んだ革命的な磁石設計を使うことによって、液体ヘリウムによる冷却システムを不要にできる。これによって超伝導性を達成するのに必要な4度K(ケルビン)(零下269度C)まで磁石を冷却する標準的な低温冷却装置の使用が可能になる。このソリューションはMR Solutionsとその磁石パートナーが先駆けとなった。



アントワープ大学バイオ画像研究所のファン・デルリンデン教授は「MR Solutionsはこの分野の技術リーダーなので長年にわたって協力している。この新しいスキャナーは画期的前進であり、われわれが必要とするより大きなスキャニング・パワーを提供するだろう」とコメントしている。





写真説明:「新しいベンチトップ3T MRIスキャナー(左)は浮遊磁場が小さいのでラボでほかのスキャナーの横に置くことができる」


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Research Units Across the World go for the First 3 Tesla, Cryogen Free MRI Bench Top Scanner


LONDON, Feb. 20, 2013 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

    Since the launch of its ground breaking helium free, 3T, bench top MRI

scanner late last year MR Solutions has taken orders for the installation of

five of these revolutionary machines from university and hospital research

units across the world.

    The universities of Antwerp, Dusseldorf, Perth (Australia) and the hospital

research centres at George-Francois Leclerc centre (France), Beaumont Hospitals

(Michigan) are installing these powerful new scanners over the next year.

    The new scanner, not only provides superior soft tissue contrast and

molecular imaging capability but, because of its new design, can be easily

installed in an existing laboratory.

    The scanner is able to do away with the liquid helium cooling system by

using a revolutionary magnet design incorporating new superconducting wire.

This enables the use of a standard low temperature cryocooler (fridge) to cool

the magnet to 4 degrees Kelvin (minus 269 degrees C), necessary to achieve

superconductivity. This solution was pioneered by MR Solutions and its magnet


    The scanner does not have to be in a separate metal lined room as its stray

magnetic field is only a few centimetres and will not interfere with the other

laboratory equipment.

    These technological advances have dramatically reduced the cost of this

powerful scanner to make it extremely competitive.

    Professor Van der Linden Bio Imaging Laboratory of the University of

Antwerp commented "We have been working with MR Solutions for many years as

they are the technological leaders in this field. This new scanner is a

breakthrough and will provide us with the extra scanning power we need."

    Professor Van der Linden continued "We can just wheel it in without

knocking down any walls and without having to install costly helium and safety

systems. And as its stray magnetic field is so small we can put other sensitive

laboratory equipment and scanners close by for much better work flow."

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    Caption:    "The new bench top 3T MRI scanner (left) can fit alongside

other scanners in the lab due to its small stray magnetic field"

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