Japan Tourism Agency Selects Charming Japanese Souvenir Contest 2013; Grand Prize Chosen Out of 636

Japan Tourism Agency

TOKYO, Mar. 25 /Kyodo JBN/ --

Japan Tourism Agency

Japan Tourism Agency Selects Charming Japanese Souvenir Contest 2013; Grand Prize Chosen Out of 636 Items

Foreign judges from 15 countries and regions as well as experts from selected domestic sectors -- including sightseeing and distribution -- appointed to a panel of the Charming Japanese Souvenir Contest, held by the Japan Tourism Agency since 2005, have met for the final screening and selected "unryu washi rampu" (a Japanese paper lantern) for the Charming Japanese Souvenir 2013 Grand Prize out of 636 items sent in for the contest.

The panel also selected eight category prizes -- gold, silver and copper prizes each for the Traditional Japan and Cool Japan categories, the Luxury Prize and the Reasonable Prize -- in addition to 15 International Prizes picked by the foreign judges.

The award-winning souvenirs will be put on display and sale at international airports -- Narita, Osaka and Nagoya -- and elsewhere. For details of the award-winning souvenirs, please visit the website.

The purpose of this Contest is to discover and foster attractive Japanese souvenirs in terms of design and quality through eyes of overseas visitors by selecting the most attractive souvenirs as well as to promote local brands. This event also aims to introduce Japanese appeal to the world through souvenirs and invite more overseas visitors to Japan.

- Grand Prize-Winning Product:

unryu washi rampu (Japanese paper lantern)

Price: 5,500 yen

Made by Hirose Sosaku Kogei, Kyoto Prefecture

- 2013 Award Winning Products List:

The results of final judging in the Japanese Souvenirs Contest 2013 held on February 22, 2013 are as follows:



Simplified Chinese:


Traditional Chinese:




Source: Japan Tourism Agency



unryu washi rampu

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