◎Georgia-PacificとBuckeye Technologiesの合併が完了

Georgia-Pacific LLC /Buckeye Technologies Inc.

2013/8/26 11:40

◎Georgia-PacificとBuckeye Technologiesの合併が完了

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共同JBN 0959 (2013.8.26)

【アトランタ(米ジョージア州)、メンフィス(米テネシー州)2013年8月24日=共同JBN】Georgia-Pacific LLCとBuckeye Technologies Inc.(NYSE:BKI)は24日、Georgia-Pacific LLCによるBuckeye Technologies Incの買収が完了したと発表した。先に公表された合併契約に基づくもので、それによるとBuckeye Technologiesの発行済み普通株全量が1株37・50ドルの現金で買い取られることになっており、この価格には金利はつかず、適用法に基づく源泉税の支払い義務がある。この買収の金額は債務の引き受けを含めて約15億ドルとなる。

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合併の結果Georgia-Pacificは、5カ所の生産設備、世界各地の販売オフィス、本社の所有権を含め、Buckeye Technologies社の発行済み株式全量を取得した。Buckeye Technologiesが完全子会社に移行するのに伴い、従業員(約1200人)は全員がGeorgia-Pacificの従業員となる。

Buckeye Technologiesのジョン・クロー会長兼最高経営責任者(CEO)は「買収が完了したことで興奮を覚えている。両社が統合されることは多くの人にとって非常にプラスになる。Buckeye Technologies社員の多くはより多くの機会が得られ、顧客はより広い選択肢が得られる。地域社会の人々にとっては今後も、操業を行っている地域に貢献してきた実績がある企業が存続する。もちろん株主はかなりの投資収益が得られる」と述べた。

Georgia-Pacificのジム・ハンナンCEO兼社長は「Buckeye Technologiesの優秀な従業員をわが社に迎えるのを非常に喜ばしく思う。技術革新値から、先端技術、特殊繊維および不織関連ビジネスなどBuckeye Technologiesの資産とともに彼ら従業員は、当社のセルロース、消費者向け製品事業の今後の成長、成功に向けた重要な基盤を提供してくれる」と語った。

合併の結果Buckeye Technologiesの普通株式は、ニューヨーク証券取引所ほか上場取引所で上場廃止となる。Buckeye Technologiesは修正1934年証券取引法に基づいて、米証券取引委員会(SEC)にフォーム15の照明関係書類を提出。同修正法第13(a)項、第15(d)項に基づいてBuckeye TechnologiesのSECに対する報告提出義務の停止手続きを行う。


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Georgia-Pacific LLC Completes Acquisition of Buckeye Technologies Inc.


ATLANTA and MEMPHIS, Tenn., Aug. 24, 2013 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

    Georgia-Pacific LLC and Buckeye Technologies Inc. (NYSE:BKI) today

completed the previously announced acquisition of Buckeye by Georgia-Pacific.

Under the merger agreement, all outstanding shares of Buckeye Technologies'

common stock were converted into the right to receive $37.50 per share, net to

the holder in cash, without interest, subject to any withholding of taxes

required by applicable law. The transaction was valued at approximately $1.5

billion, including debt.

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    As a result of the merger, Georgia-Pacific acquired all of the outstanding

stock of Buckeye Technologies, including ownership of its five manufacturing

facilities, global sales offices and headquarters. Employees of Buckeye

Technologies (approximately 1,200) are now employees of Georgia-Pacific as

Buckeye becomes a wholly owned subsidiary.

   "We are excited to finalize the acquisition," said John Crowe, chairman and

CEO, Buckeye Technologies. "This combination will be very good for a lot of

people. Many Buckeye employees will have more opportunities; customers will

have more options; community members will continue to have a company with a

record of contributing in communities where they operate and, of course,

shareholders get a very nice return."

    Jim Hannan, CEO and president of Georgia-Pacific, added, "We are very

pleased to welcome the talented Buckeye employees to our company. They, along

with Buckeye Technologies' assets, innovation capabilities, advanced

technologies, and specialty fibers and nonwovens businesses, provide a

significant platform for continued growth and success for our cellulose and

consumer products businesses."

    As a result of the merger, Buckeye's common stock will no longer be listed

on the New York Stock Exchange or any other securities exchange.  Buckeye will

file a Certification on Form 15 with the Securities and Exchange Commission

under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "Exchange Act"), to

suspend Buckeye's reporting obligations under Sections 13(a) and 15(d) of the

Exchange Act.

    Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia-Pacific is one of the world's leading

manufacturers and marketers of building products, tissue, packaging, paper,

cellulose and related chemicals. The company employs approximately 35,000

people worldwide. For more information, visit www.gp.com.

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