◎Laing O'Rourke が2013年3月末日までの通年決算を発表 売上高は前期比2%増

Laing O'Rourke

2013/9/9 10:20

◎Laing O'Rourke が2013年3月末日までの通年決算を発表 売上高は前期比2%増

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【ダートフォード(英国)2013年9月6日PRN=共同JBN】Laing O'Rourkeは2013年3月31日までの通年決算を発表した。




*欧州ハブ(Europe Hub)の項目調整前EBITは4900万ポンド、オーストラリア・ハブ(Australia Hub)は2940万ポンド








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*ミッション・ゼロを目指す健康および安全運動は、オーストラリア・ハブでの展開で事故発生頻度(AFR)を0.21(2011/12年:AFR 0.24)に軽減したことを受け、世界規模で確実に組み込まれた



*コアプロセスの統合とGroup Management Committeeの創設による企業ガバナンスの枠組みの強化。グループ最高責任者にアンナ・スチュワート(Anna Stewart)氏、オーストラリア・ハブの最高責任者にデービッド・スチュワート(David Stewart)氏、グループ・ディレクター(財務・取引担当責任者)にカラム・タケット(Callum Tuckett)を任命







*Laing O'Rourkeは2013/14年の財務目標を順調に達成でき、さらに2013/14年以降の中長期にわたり同社の戦略も目標を達成できる良好な地位にある

2013年年次報告全文はLaing O'Rourkeのウェブサイト(http://www.laingorourke.com)で閲覧、ダウンロードできる。


「Laing O'Rourkeは確固たる業績を再度達成し、強力なキャッシュフロー、収益、先行発注を生み出した。われわれはまた、Excellence Plus性能を顧客に提供する揺るぎないエンジニアリング企業になるという戦略的ミッションに加え、長期間にわたり強力で安定し、かつ持続可能な売上高を生み出し続けるという主要な業務においても、素晴らしい前進を遂げた」





2013年年次報告全文はLaing O'Rourkeのウェブサイト(http://www.laingorourke.com)で閲覧、ダウンロードできる。

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Laing O'Rourke Announces Full-Year Results to 31st March 2013


DARTFORD, England, Sept. 6 /PRN=KYODO JBN /

   Financial Highlights

- Managed revenue increased 2 per cent to GBP4.4 billion ( GBP4.3 billion: 2011/12).

- Pre-exceptional EBIT increased 45.2% to  GBP78.0 million ( GBP54.0 million:


- Pre-exceptional EBIT for Europe Hub to  GBP49.0 million and Australia Hub at

GBP29.4 million.

- Profit before tax increased 144% to  GBP57.0 million ( GBP23.4 million: 2011/12)

- Group tax charge of GBP13.2 million, which equates to an effective tax rate of

23.2% in 2012/13.

- Maintained strong gross cash position of GBP684 million.

- Improvement in net cash position of GBP89 million to GBP410 million.

- Exceptional costs before tax of GBP23.4 million in the period, almost entirely

related to a non-cash impairment against the land & development portfolio.

- High quality order book of GBP8.2 billion creating good medium-term earnings


- 91% of revenue secured for 2013/14 performance period.

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   Performance Review

- Strategy execution gathering pace across Europe and Australia Hubs.

- Prestigious project wins from new clients in key sectors and markets.

- Increasing repeat orders and contract extensions from existing clients up to


- Commercial discipline converting opportunity pipeline into higher-value

project portfolio.

- Mission Zero health and safety campaign now firmly embedded globally,

following successful roll-out across the Australia Hub with a reduced -

Accident - Frequency Rate of 0.21 (AFR 0.24: 2011/12).

- Digital engineering and Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA)

methodology creating efficiencies in project delivery and operational


- Continued focus on human capital agenda, with substantial commitment to

enhancing engineering capability and education partnerships.

- Strengthened corporate governance framework through better integration of

core processes, senior appointments - Anna Stewart as Group Chief Executive,

David Stewart as Chief Executive of Australia Hub and Callum Tuckett, Group

Director, Finance and Commerce - and creation of Group Management Committee.


- Drive the competitive advantage of our Unique Business Offering despite

continuation of challenging market conditions.

- Moderate growth in managed revenue and pre-tax earnings can be expected for

the Group through to 2015, given the prevailing market conditions.

- Group well positioned to achieve its medium-term goals in the period to 2015.

- Good future revenue visibility and an attractive pipeline of contract

opportunities in key sectors, including nuclear, mining, rail, and oil and gas.

- A higher rate of return on equity is planned for the Group with the

anticipated benefit of delivery efficiencies derived from the widespread

deployment of Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA), plus greater cost

efficiencies in Group overheads providing a more competitive price point to


- Laing O'Rourke remains on track to deliver its 2013/14 financial targets and,

beyond these, is well positioned to achieve its strategic objectives over the

medium to long-term.

   The full 2013 Annual Review is now available to read and download on the

Laing O'Rourke website (http://www.laingorourke.com).

   Commenting Ray O'Rourke, Group Executive Chairman said:

   "Laing O'Rourke has delivered another creditable performance, generating

strong cash flows, earnings and forward orders. We also made good progress

against our strategic mission to become an enduring engineering enterprise that

delivers Excellence Plus performance for our clients, and on the key actions

that we are taking to deliver strong, stable and sustainable revenues over


   Anna Stewart, Group Chief Executive said:

   "In 2012, we established our Group Strategic Roadmap, putting in place the

right foundations to deliver on our 2020 objectives over the next three to five

years. We delivered another resilient performance and made strong progress

against the key elements of our strategic plan to become the first choice

engineering and construction partner for clients."

   Callum Tuckett, Group Finance and Commerce Director said:

   "The Group has performed well and, as we had planned, built additional

resilience in 2012/13.  We have an appropriate capital structure, good cash

flows and a strong order book providing sufficient financial resources, which

combined with a Unique Business Offering and long term relationships with major

clients across high value sectors, puts us in a strong position to move forward

with confidence."

   The full 2013 Annual Review is now available to read and download on the

Laing O'Rourke website (http://www.laingorourke.com).

SOURCE: Laing O'Rourke