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共同JBN 1039 (2013.9.11)

【北京2013年9月10日 PRN=共同JBN】2013年度北京香山観光サミットと世界観光都市連盟(WTCF)第2回理事会は9月11日から14日まで北京で開催される。今回のサミットのテーマは「観光:都市にとっての持続可能な発展の新しい力」となる。









世界観光都市体験センターは石景山地区の東にあり、長安街から西方への延長線上で南部地区と北部地区に分かれている。南部地区は北京国際彫塑園の中にあり、10件の体験プロジェクト建設が計画されている:私の夢、包括的体験パビリオン、ビジター・サービス・センター、都市の魅力、都市のシャトル、都市のフレーバー、デジタル・サンドテーブル、都市のショー、世界観光の現象、それにウォーター・オブ・シンシアリティーである。ウォーター・オブ・シンシアリティーは連盟の永遠の記念物となる。南部地区はまた3D観光イメージや観光景観、60を超える観光都市のマスコットを展示する。その中には北京、ロサンゼルス、ブエノスアイレス、香港が含まれる。体験と交流が南部地区のテーマとハイライトであり、3Dアニメーションやデジタル・ホログラフィー、ステレオプロジェクター、他の新技術を使って会員都市の景観のショーケース となる。訪問客は世界の主要なレジャー目的地のイメージが身近に体験できることになる。




ソース:World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF)

2013 World Tourism Cities Beijing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit to be Held in Beijing


BEIJING, Sept. 10, 2013/PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

   The 2013 Beijing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit and Second Council of the

World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) will be held from September 11 - 14,

2013 in Beijing. The summit's theme will be "Tourism: the New Power for A

City's Sustainable Development."

   Summit highlights:

- Attendance by over 100 members of World Tourism Cities

- Congratulatory letters from the United Nations confirming the summit's

international standing

- Formation of a Committee of Experts under the WTCF

- Release of the World Tourism Cities Evaluation System

- Signing of the Beijing Consensus

- Construction of an experience center

- Addition of three sessions for civil aviation and tourism companies as well

as the media.

   The World Tourism Cities Experience Center is in the eastern part of

Shijingshan District along the western extension of Chang'an Street and is

divided into the Southern Area and the Northern Area. The Southern Area is in

Beijing International Sculpture Park, and is home to ten experience projects:

My Dream, the Comprehensive Experience Pavilion, the Visitor Service Center,

City Charm, City Shuttle, City Flavor, Digital Sand Table, City Show, World

Tourism Phenomenon, as well as The Water of Sincerity. The Water of Sincerity

will serve as a permanent marker of the federation. The Southern Area will also

exhibit 3D tourism images, tourism landscape images and the city mascots of

over 60 cities including Beijing, Los Angles, Buenos Aires and Hong Kong.

Experience and Interaction will be the theme and highlights of the Southern

Area, which will showcase the cityscapes of member cities through three

dimensional animations, digital holography, stereo projection and other new

technologies, enabling the visitors to become intimately acquainted with the

tourism resources of the cities that are the world's major travel for leisure


   The Northern Area is where the Beijing International Tourism Center will be

located. When construction is completed, the center will host the WTCF

Secretariat, the Committee of Experts, and the facilities for the three

sessions (civil aviation, tourism companies and the media). The Beijing

representative offices of world tourism cities and travel agencies will also

have their offices here. Daily activities will focus on tourism experiences,

exhibitions, training of tourism practitioners, academic research and other

works -- becoming a comprehensive tourism core functional area incorporating

exhibitions, experiences, communication and other functions.

   The 2013 World Tourism Cities Tour will be held on Wangfujing Commercial

Street from September 10 - 13. The tour will gather over 50 exhibiting

organizations and showcase the cultures and charismatic qualities of member

cities through a variety of activities including introductions to the cities

and representative artistic performances, including through signature and 3D

stereograph interaction.

   As the member city image display platform of the World Tourism Cities

Federation, the tour seeks to reach a wider audience through increased

participation and interactivity, creating more commercial exchange

opportunities for exhibiting cities and agencies, and providing more targeted

services for collaboration and mutual benefits.

SOURCE:  World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF)