◎CloroxがSoccer United Marketingと複数年提携契約に署名

The Clorox Company

2014/2/28 10:20

◎CloroxがSoccer United Marketingと複数年提携契約に署名

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Clorox Companyはメジャーリーグ・サッカーのコマーシャル部門であるSoccer United Marketing(SUM)との合意に達した。米サッカー連盟とメキシコ・フトバル連盟(FMF、メキシコ・ナショナル・チーム)のオフィシャルパートナーとなる。SUMとの合意条項によると、Cloroxは男女米国代表チームをセールスとマーケティングでサポート。その際、同社のClorox(登録商標)、Kingsford(登録商標)、Hidden Valley(登録商標)、Glad(登録商標)ブランドに焦点を当てる。メキシコの男子代表にも米国内でサポートし、Clorox(登録商標)、Kingsford(登録商標)、それにGlad(登録商標)ブランドに注力する。

執行役員副社長(Cleaning、International and Corporate Strategy担当)で最高業務責任者(COO)のベンノ・ドラー氏は「当社がサッカーのようなスポーツと関係を持つのは自然の成りゆきである。家族内で強いアピールを共有しているからだ。提携関係の樹立により、世界中のサッカーファン(自分を含めて)、忠実で、情熱的で、多様性のあるサッカーファンの大群にふさわしいブランドイメージを確立することができると期待している」と語る。


Soccer United Marketingのデービッド・ライト上級副社長(グローバルスポンサーシップ担当)は「今年のブラジルでのイベントを前にして、サッカーと提携するこれ以上のタイミングはない。われわれはClorox製品がサッカーファミリーの一員になったことにわくわくしている」と語った。


David Kellis

The Clorox Company


Sean Dennison

SUM Communications


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Clorox Signs Multiyear Partnership With Soccer United Marketing


OAKLAND, Calif., Feb. 28, 2014 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

Deal Includes Support of U.S. Men's and Women's, Mexican Men's National Teams

The Clorox Company has reached an agreement with Soccer United Marketing (SUM),

the commercial arm of Major League Soccer, making it an official partner of the

U.S. Soccer Federation and the Federacion Mexicana de Futbol (FMF - also known

as the Mexican National Team). Under the terms of the agreement with SUM,

Clorox will support the U.S. Men's and Women's National Teams through sales and

marketing efforts highlighting the company's Clorox(R), Kingsford(R), Hidden

Valley(R) and Glad(R) brands. It will support the Mexican Men's Team in the

United States through similar efforts involving the Clorox(R), Kingsford(R) and

Glad(R) brands.

"Our company's affiliation with the sport of soccer is a natural fit for us

because we share a strong appeal among families," said Benno Dorer, executive

vice president and chief operating officer - Cleaning, International and

Corporate Strategy. "With soccer's legions of followers from around the world

―myself included ― we hope this partnership will enable us to build awareness

of our brands with the sport's hugely loyal, enthusiastic and diverse fan base."

The partnership involves sales and marketing efforts along with in-store

support from major retailers. Activities under way this year include TV ads for

Kingsford(R) charcoal and Glad(R) trash bags; custom packaging; a consumer

sweepstakes for a chance to win up to $25,000; and in-store ads, coupon offers

and messaging at point of sale.

"Ahead of this year's events in Brazil, there has never been a better time to

align with the sport of soccer," said David Wright, senior vice president of

global sponsorship for Soccer United Marketing. "We're excited that the family

of Clorox products is now a member of our soccer family."


David Kellis

The Clorox Company


Sean Dennison

SUM Communications


SOURCE: The Clorox Company