◎InterOilがPNGのガス油田利権22.8%余りをOil Searchに売却、開発パートナーに

InterOil Corporation

2014/2/28 12:20

◎InterOilがPNGのガス油田利権22.8%余りをOil Searchに売却、開発パートナーに

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【ポートモレスビー(パプアニューギニア)、シンガポール2014年2月28日】InterOil Corporation(NYSE:IOC、ポートモレスビー証券取引所:IOC、以下インターオイル)は28日、パプアニューギニア(PNG)で最大規模の未開発天然ガス資源であるElk-Antelopeガス田の開発パートナーとしてOil Search Limited(以下Oil Search)を迎えた。Oil Searchは9億米ドルプラス偶発的支払いを対価にして、Pacific LNG Group CompaniesからPRL15鉱区の22.835%の利権を取得することに合意した。

新しい合意はアジアで高まる需要に対して重要なPRL15ガス田を結ぶ安定、持続的な提携関係を生み出す。InterOilはPRL15鉱区の75.6114%を所有し、フランスのTotal S.A.に利権を売却することに合意している。その最終的な所有構造は、PRL15に重要な利害関係を維持するInterOilとの合弁事業参加することで合意される。残りの1.5536%利権はIPI Holders(独立系投資家の小グループ)が保有している。


InterOil最高経営責任者(CEO)のマイケル・ヘッション博士は「Oil Searchはこれら巨大なガス資源を開発するに当たって、当社にとって当然ありうべきパートナーとなる。同社はPNGに数十年の経験があり、PNG LNGプラントからLNG生産が近く生産段階に入る」と語った。




「われわれはOil SearchがTotal S.A.によるElk-Antelope全面的開発に参入することを歓迎し、今後何年にもわたりパプアニューギニア国民と政府と緊密に協力したいと考えている。このプロジェクトと提携関係は同政府から明確な支援を得ており、この素晴らしい長期プロジェクトを遂行する強力かつ安定した基盤が確保される」


InterOil Corporationはパプアニューギニアを最重点とする石油・ガス企業である。InterOilno 資産は南部沿岸のガルフ州にあるアジア最大規模の未開発ガス油田Elk-Antelopeが含まれる。同ガス油田はフランスのTotal S.A.による液化天然ガス・プロジェクト向けに開発されている。InterOilはパプアニューギニア唯一の精製施設と国内各所に石油流通施設を所有、運営している。同社は1100人余りを雇用、シンガポール、ポートモレスビーに本社がある。InterOilはニューヨーク証券取引所と、ポートモレスビー証券取引所に上場している。



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InterOil Welcomes Oil Search as Partner in Major Gas Field


PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea and SINGAPORE, Feb. 28, 2014/PRN=KYODO JBN/--

       - Experience and Capacity to Deliver Gas More Quickly

   InterOil Corporation (NYSE:IOC) (POMSoX:IOC) ("InterOil") is pleased to

welcome Oil Search Limited ("Oil Search") as a partner in the Elk-Antelope

fields - the largest undeveloped gas resource in Papua New Guinea. Oil Search

has agreed to acquire a 22.835% interest in PRL15 from Pacific LNG Group

Companies for a consideration of US$900 million plus further contingent


   The new arrangement creates a stable and sustainable partnership to connect

the significant PRL 15 gas deposit to the growing demand in Asia. InterOil owns

75.6114% of PRL15 and is in an agreement to sell an interest to Total S.A. The

final ownership structure will be agreed with the joint venture participants

with InterOil maintaining a material interest in PRL15. The remaining 1.5536%

is held by the IPI Holders (a small group of independent investors).

   A Material Interest in a Partnership that Offers Real Benefits

   InterOil's Chief Executive Officer, Dr Michael Hession, said: "Oil Search is

a logical partner for us in developing these large gas resources. The company

has decades of experience in PNG and is nearing production from PNG LNG.

   "It is exceptionally rewarding to know that someone as experienced as Oil

Search shares our view of the worth of this resource. This not only validates

the value of this world class asset in Elk-Antelope but acknowledges the upside

in this asset and the surrounding acreage.

"This partnership will enable us to tap these energy resources more quickly and

cost-effectively - and that translates into real financial benefits for Papua

New Guinea and the shareholders of the companies involved.

   "We welcome Oil Search into our development of Elk-Antelope with Total and

look forward to an even closer cooperation with the people and Government of

Papua New Guinea in the years ahead. This project and the partnership have the

clear backing of the Government, ensuring we have a strong and stable

foundation to deliver on this outstanding long-term project."

   About InterOil

   InterOil Corporation is an oil and gas business with a primary focus on

Papua New Guinea and the surrounding region. InterOil's assets include one of

Asia's largest undeveloped gas fields, Elk-Antelope in the Gulf Province which

is being developed for liquefied natural gas project with Total of France.

InterOil owns and operates Papua New Guinea's only oil refinery, and petroleum

distribution facilities throughout the country. The company employs more than

1100 people and has its main offices in Singapore and Port Moresby. InterOil is

listed on the New York and Port Moresby stock exchanges.

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   Forward Looking Statements

   This press release includes "forward-looking statements" as defined in

United States federal and Canadian securities laws. All statements, other than

statements of historical facts, included in this press release that address

activities, events or developments that InterOil expects, believes or

anticipates will or may occur in the future are forward-looking statements,

including in particular, the development the proposed LNG Project, the use of

gas from the Elk and Antelope fields, expectations regarding the ability to

achieve a satisfactory conclusion or any conclusion of the partnering process

and the timing of a conclusion of the partnering process, business prospects

and strategies. These statements are based on our current beliefs as well as

assumptions made by, and information currently available to us, including

closing of the proposed LNG partnering with Total SA. No assurances can be

given however, that these events will occur. Actual results could differ, and

the difference may be material and adverse to the Company and its shareholders.

Such statements are subject to a number of assumptions, risks and

uncertainties, many of which are beyond the control of the Company, which may

cause our actual results to differ materially from those implied or expressed

by the forward-looking statements. Some of these factors include the risk

factors discussed in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange

Commission and on SEDAR, including but not limited to those in the Company's

Annual Report for the year ended December 31, 2012 on Form 40-F and its Annual

Information Form for the year ended December 31, 2012. In particular, there is

no established market for natural gas or gas condensate in Papua New Guinea and

no guarantee that gas or gas condensate from the Elk and Antelope fields will

ultimately be able to be extracted and sold commercially. Investors are urged

to consider closely the disclosure in the Company's Form 40-F, available from

us at www.interoil.com or from the SEC at www.sec.gov and its Annual

Information Form available on SEDAR at www.sedar.com.

   SOURCE: InterOil Corporation