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【ケルン、エシュボルン(ドイツ)2014年9月18日PRN=共同通信JBN】世界市場におけるオーバー・ザ・トップ(OTT)プロバイダーの存在が増加していることによって、多くの国で全般的な規制枠組みの採用が必要となっている。これは従来の通信事業者の競争力を確保し、長期的に消費者の利益を保護するために必要である。マネジメント・コンサルタント企業Detecon Consultingの専門家は競争上の条件を検討し、政治家、規制当局、ネットワーク運営事業者向けに一連の提言をリストアップした。






「Policy and Regulatory Framework for Governing Internet Applications」の分析結果全文は以下のサイトを参照。


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Detecon Study: Network Regulation Must Give Greater Consideration to the Influence of OTT Services


COLOGNE and ESCHBORN, Germany, Sept. 18 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

    The growing presence of over-the-top (OTT) providers on markets worldwide

demands an adaptation of the general regulatory frameworks in many countries.

This is necessary to secure the competitiveness of traditional

telecommunications providers and to safeguard consumers' interests in the long

term. Experts at the management consulting company Detecon Consulting have

examined competitive conditions and list a series of recommendations for action

for politicians, regulatory authorities, and network operators.

    "While telecommunications companies are investing massive amounts of money

in the expansion of broadband, they are at the same time gradually losing the

business fields that have been most profitable for them," declared Dr. Markus

Steingrover, Managing Partner at Detecon. "Telecommunications companies should

be given the opportunity to adapt their business models flexibly to meet market

demand." According to the study, the general regulatory conditions in many

countries now in effect do not permit companies to set prices at their own

discretion. Outside of the EU, end customer rates are often regulated directly,

thereby preserving outdated rate structures.

    Most important recommendations:

    - Review existing regulations for network operators. Detecon recommends a

detailed review of the regulatory obligations faced by the operators and their

adaptation as indicated by the results of the review.

    - Determine the impact of OTT services on the market. Detecon recommends

encouraging the creation of alternative business models for OTT providers such

as collaboration with local ISPs to provide services.

    - Define a framework for net neutrality regulations. Detecon recommends

that the GCC countries develop basic neutrality guidelines to protect

consumers' interests.

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Internet Applications" at

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