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2014/10/2 11:25


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特に今年8月20日には北京市とCRI(中国国際放送局)Onlineの共催で全世界の聴取者向けに「感知北京(Feeling Beijing)」と題したオンラインコンテストを開始。10月20日までの期間中、全世界のインターネットユーザーはwww.cri.cn にログインしてコンテストに参加できる。イベントのウェブページは英語、ドイツ語、フランス語、日本語、韓国語で表示されている。コンテストの参加者は抽選で北京への無料旅行に招待され、イベント終了後に開かれる授賞式に出席する。

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Beijing Boosts Inbound Tourism on 72-hour Visa Free Transit


BEIJING, Oct. 2, 2014 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

    In 2013, Beijing began to conduct a '72-hour visa free transit' policy in

order to attract foreign tourists and to offer better chances for them to enjoy

a short stay in the city. Almost two years have passed; Beijing has continued

to take measures on this, aiming to expand its recognition and influence as an

international tourist destination.

    Beijing organized various online and offline events both at home and abroad

to promote the 72-hour visa free transit policy, in hopes to introduce it to

more potential foreign tourists. For example, the city opened accounts on

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media platforms, updating

information about 72-hour travels. The city also published creative apps on

social media, introducing newly-designed travel routines and products via

interactive games with foreign Internet users.

    In addition, Beijing started cooperation with travelport.com, a leading

travel commerce platform, providing preferential transit flight booking

services for tourists from countries including the United States, Britain,

Germany, France and Australia. Those who do not have travel plans could also be

well taken care of. After they arrive in Beijing Capital International Airport,

they can easily find the reception desks of big travel agencies, offering

services in arranging travel while catering to different interests, tastes and


    In the future, Beijing will explore travel routes that can be achieved in

different durations, like 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours or 48 hours. The city

will open more direct flights connecting other parts of the world, attracting

tourists with the most convenient service and the most amazing travel routes.

    Particularly, on August 20th this year, Beijing and CRI Online (China Radio

International), jointly held an online contest for global audiences titled

'Feeling Beijing.' The event will last till October 20th. During the event,

global Internet users can log on to www.cri.cn, and find contest webpages in

languages including English, German, French, Japanese and Korean. Those who

compete in the online contest will have the chance to win a free trip to

Beijing and attend the award ceremony after the event concludes.

    SOURCE: CRI Online