JIN to Launch JINS MEME ACADEMIC PACK in Late April 2015


TOKYO, Nov. 27 /Kyodo JBN/ --

JIN Co., Ltd.

JIN to Launch JINS MEME ACADEMIC PACK in Late April 2015

- New Solution That Makes JINS MEME's Raw Data Available to Academic Research -

JIN Co., Ltd. will launch JINS MEME "ACADEMIC PACK" in late April, 2015 at a market price of 500,000 yen or $5,000 (without tax /including two pairs of JINS MEME and designated data analysis software). The "ACADEMIC PACK" is a dedicated solution of "JINS MEME" to academic researchers, and it enables them to directly capture and analyze deep data* generated by electrooculography and six-axis sensors without API. (*Physiological data that can be obtained through JINS MEME.)

What is JINS MEME?

JINS MEME is a sensing eyewear with the concept of "see yourself," and is the world's first pair of eyeglasses to feature 3-point EOG sensors. It captures EOG signals from three electrodes on the nose-pads and the bridge between the eyebrows, and enables real-time sensing of blinks and eye movements. In addition, a six-axis (accelerometer and angular velocity) sensor built into one of the earpieces captures head movements that represent body motion as well as body movements. Based on this rich information (deep data) obtained through eye and head movements, JINS MEME provides various possibilities in applications including indicating "fatigue" or "drowsiness" during daily activities, while also measuring activity levels.

Academic Research Applications for Increased Expectations of Deep Data

Since the announcement in May 2014, JINS MEME has already caught researchers' attention around the world for its potential in a wide range of research from medical to behavioral analyses. Furthermore, at "Innovative Technologies 2014" held by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan in October 2014, JINS MEME received the Judge's Special Award for its potential in life-sciences. To realize its potential, there have been calls for academic research-oriented solutions.

Solution Optimized for Academic Research

The proposed JINS MEME ACADEMIC PACK has a firmware designated only for academic research while having the same Wellington-type hardware as JINS MEME for consumers. The dedicated software enables the viewing, output and saving of raw data on vertical and horizontal eye movements obtained from JINS MEME's EOG and a six-axis (accelerometer and angular velocity) sensing technology in CSV format. In addition, two pairs as in one JINS MEME ACADEMIC PACK enables researchers to conduct more variable experiments.

Supporting Superior Research Using JINS MEME - "JINS MEME ACADEMIC AWARDS" Program

To maximize the potential of JINS MEME and to grow it as a wearable device that contributes to society, the "JINS MEME ACADEMIC AWARDS" are offered through "Leave a Nest" research program provided by Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. This program will support superior research with JINS MEME both in Japan and abroad.


Application period:November 26, 2014 to February 28, 2015

Winners and Prizes (4 research programs in total):

  JINS MEME Superior Award (1 research program): Research fund of 500,000 yen + a Complimentary JINS MEME ACADEMIC PACK

  JINS MEME Outstanding Awards (3 research programs): a Complimentary JINS MEME ACADEMIC PACK

Applicable Fields of Research: Research themes utilizing JINS MEME

- No specific restrictions on research fields or methods of use

- Judging will be made not only for the academic contributions, but also for potential social benefits.

Details on the Awards program and the JINS MEME ACADEMIC PACK:



The physiological data obtained from eye and head movements through JINS MEME contain deep and rich information that is truly worthy of being called "deep data." How are the researchers, who have already discovered the potential value in this deep data early on and commenced academic explorations, engaging with JINS MEME? Interviews reveal the world views of these researchers.



Purchase Conditions:

JINS MEME ACADEMIC PACK targets students, teachers, educational institutions and research institutions for purchase and use. For purchase, proof of enrollment may be required.

Basic Specifications:

Name:                                JINS MEME ACADEMIC PACK

Scheduled release date:       Late April 2015

Product price:                     500,000 yen / $5,000 (excluding tax)

Hardware specifications:      - Exterior appearance is the same as the JINS MEME for


                                         - Features special firmware to output JINS MEME raw data for

                                         academic research use

Accessory software:            Software included view, save and output signals from the EOG

                                         and six-axis sensors in CSV format

Data communications:         - Wired communication with USB cable

                                          - Wireless communication with Bluetooth LE

Compatible OS:                   Microsoft Windows 8.1

Items included in package:   - JINS MEME frames x 2

                                          - Special receiver x 2 *for wireless communications

                                          - Charger/Micro USB cable for communications

Detailed information:           http://academic.jins.com




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