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Techorizon( )は品質を追求する技術企業で、ISO9001認証(2008年)を受けている。イタリアのベローナに本社、米国のマサチューセッツ州ケンブリッジに北米事務所がある。サービスはベローナにある最新鋭技術施設を通して提供している。すべての製品はGAMP 5基準に合格し、21CFRパート11に準拠する。2009年に別会社組織となったが、以前は国際的な医療開発業務受託機関(CRO)のCROMSOURCEだけに技術サービスを提供していた。Techorizonは臨床研究や幅広いヘルスケア業界のあらゆる規模の顧客に貢献している。


Silvio Severini


Phone: +39-045-8222888 (European Headquarters)

Via Giorgio De Sandre, 13

37135 Verona, Italy



Techorizon Launches FeRMI, the First Comprehensive Electronic Tool for Feasibility Study Performance, Dedicated to Improving Clinical Research Project Planning

VERONA, Italy, Mar. 5 / PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

Techorizon today announced the launch of FeRMI, a unique electronic application

which brings the conduct of clinical trial feasibility studies into the 21st

century. At the same time, Techorizon also launched a new technically advanced


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Clinical research projects are often characterized by delays and cost overruns.

A crucial step in mitigating against these risks during planning is a detailed

feasibility study. To date, such feasibility studies have been largely paper or

email based and data have been time consuming to process and analyze.

Furthermore, the knowledge base of prior feasibility studies is typically not

integrated with the process, and the database of prior investigator site

contacts resides as a separate, distinct entity.

Named after the length scale used in nuclear physics in recognition of the

detailed data collected, FeRMI creates an entirely integrated, electronic

approach to the conduct of feasibility studies and promotes faster, more

effective study planning. Each step of the process is managed electronically,

with data collection from sites completed via highly customizable online

surveys which include real-time error checks. The powerful investigator

database module speeds selection of potential sites and tracks previous

contacts and historical study performance. A powerful real-time reporting

module allows users to track trends emerging from the feasibility study whilst

in progress, and ultimately to make better decisions about site selection.

'FeRMI revolutionizes clinical project planning by allowing our clients to

conduct faster, more detailed, more accurate feasibility studies,' noted Silvio

Severini, Managing Director of Techorizon. 'FeRMI adds to our Th-eClinical

suite and is entirely unique, the first technology application to provide an

end-to-end solution for the conduct of feasibility studies.'

About Techorizon: A quality-driven technology company with ISO9001:2008

certification, Techorizon is headquartered in Verona, Italy with North American

offices in Cambridge, MA. Services are delivered through Techorizon's

state-of-the-art technology infrastructure maintained in Verona. All Techorizon

products are fully validated to GAMP 5 standards as well as being 21 CFR Part

11 compliant. Launched in 2009 as a separate company, Techorizon had previously

provided technology services exclusively to CROMSOURCE, a leading international

CRO. Techorizon serves clients of all sizes within the clinical research and

wider Healthcare industry.


Silvio Severini


Phone: +39-045-8222888 (European Headquarters)

Via Giorgio De Sandre, 13

37135 Verona, Italy

Source: Techorizon