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【ニューヨーク2015年3月16日PRN=共同通信JBN】スーパースターの面々は16日、国際幸福デー(International Day of Happiness)を祝う#HappySoundsLikeキャンペーンを開始するため、国連および世界で最も個人的な音楽ストリーミングサービス、MixRadioとチームを組んだ。

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音楽には幸福を広げ、よりよい明日への連帯と希望を鼓舞するパワーがある。このような認識のもと、国連のピース・メッセンジャー、親善大使たちは英シンガー・ソングライターのエド・シーラン、 フランスのDJデヴィッド・ゲッタ、米R&B歌手ジョン・レジェンド、英歌手ジェームス・ブランドら国際アーティストとともに、3月20日の国際幸福デーにスタートする世界一ハッピーなプレイリストの作成に貢献した。

潘基文・国連事務総長は「国連はMixRadioと手を組んで国際幸福デーに対する関心を高めることができて、ありがたく思っている。この日、われわれは音楽という世界共通語を使って、貧困、人権侵害、人道危機、環境悪化と気候変動の影響に苦しむ世界中の大勢の人々に連帯を表明する」と語った。潘事務総長は2010年、世界の障害者を擁護するため、米シンガー・ソングライターのスティービー・ワンダーを国連ピース・メッセンジャーに指名、その「Signed Sealed Delivered(涙をとどけて)」をプレイリストに選定した。







このビデオは専用サイト、www.happysoundslike.com で閲覧できる。



Katy Hall



The United Nations and MixRadio to Celebrate International Day of Happiness


NEW YORK, Mar. 16, 2015 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

   Today, a host of superstars have teamed up with the United Nations and the

world's most personalised music streaming service, MixRadio, to launch the

#HappySoundsLike campaign to mark International Day of Happiness.

   Logo - http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20150311/181046LOGO

   Photo - http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20150311/181047

   Logo - http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20150311/181045LOGO

   Music has the power to spread happiness and inspire solidarity and hope for

a better tomorrow. Recognizing this, United Nations Messengers of Peace and

Goodwill Ambassadors, along with international artists such as Ed Sheeran,

David Guetta, John Legend and James Blunt, amongst others, have contributed to

create the world's happiest playlist, launching on March 20th, International

Day of Happiness.

   United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said, "The United Nations is

happy to be partnering with MixRadio to raise awareness of the International

Day of Happiness. On this day we are using the universal language of music to

show solidarity with the millions of people around the world suffering from

poverty, human rights abuses, humanitarian crises and the effects of

environmental degradation and climate change." Ban designated Wonder a UN

Messenger of Peace in 2010 to advocate on behalf of persons with disabilities

worldwide, and nominated his "Signed Sealed Delivered" to the playlist."

   Fronted by singer/songwriter Cody Simpson, the weeklong #HappySoundsLike

campaign will reach a high note at the end of this week with an inspirational,

international playlist created by artists, and thoughtful listeners worldwide.

   Music fans can post the song that makes them the happiest with the hashtag

#HappySoundsLike. On Friday March 20th, Cody Simpson will spotlight five track

submissions to be included within the official playlist.

   Cody Simpson, comments, "I am really pleased to be part of such an amazing

campaign to raise awareness of International Day of Happiness.

   "I hope everyone gets behind the day and shares the track that makes them

happiest! I will be choosing five tracks the general public suggest to be part

of the official playlist, #HappySoundsLike, launching on Friday 20th March for

you to all listen to."

   Jyrki Rosenberg, Head of MixRadio, said, "This year, to celebrate and raise

awareness of International Day of Happiness, MixRadio is privileged to have

partnered with the United Nations.

   "We hope the general public follow in the steps of the host of global stars

and share the track that makes them happiest. On March 20, #HappySoundsLike

will launch and we hope it brings a smile to faces around the world."

   Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012, International

Day of Happiness acknowledges that "the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental

human goal". In its 70th anniversary year, the UN will be undertaking several

campaigns to help achieve this goal.

   The campaign officially launches with the release of a global video,

featuring a host of the stars singing along to raise awareness of the campaign.

   Watch the video at: www.happysoundslike.com.

   SOURCE: MixRadio

  CONTACT: Katy Hall