LAIBAO Hi-Tech Co.とSunpartner TechnologiesがWysips(R) Crystalと Wysips(R) Glass技術を採用した部品生産の工業提携協定に調印

Sunpartner Technologies

2015/5/26 11:05

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LAIBAO Hi-Tech Co.とSunpartner Technologiesが

Wysips(R) Crystalと Wysips(R) Glass技術を採用した部品生産の工業提携協定に調印

中国の伝導ガラス・LCDディプレイ・タッチパネルメーカーのLaibao Hi-Tech Co., Ltdと(以下、Truly)とソーラーNETs(新エネルギー技術)に特化したエンジニアリング企業で不可視太陽光発電フィルムWysips(R)を発明したSunpartner Technologies(以下Sunpartner)は、工業提携協定に調印しました。この提携により、携帯電話やスマートウォッチ向けのWysips(R) Crystal部品及び建設や交通機関市場のスマートウィンドー向けのWysips(R) Glass部品を、2016年第2四半期に量産する事を目指します。

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Wysips(R)技術は光学システムと太陽光発電PVシステムを組合せ、裸眼で透明に見えるようにする技術です。携帯電話や腕時計のディスプレイに直接統合する事により、Wysips(R)は光を取り込み永続的にエネルギーを自己生成する事が可能になります。不可視太陽光PV部品のエネルギー生成により接続デバイスの必要な電気量の全て又はデバイスの新追加機能に必要な電気量を生成し駆動させる事が可能になります。例えば、Wysips(R) Crystalは携帯電話や腕時計等のモバイルコネクティドデバイスに必要な全電気量又は一部機能の電気量を供給する事が出来るようになり、Wysips(R) Glassは自動巻上げ式サンシェードや照明器具、遮光ガラスシステム、自動開閉門等の動作に必要な電気量を電気網に接続せずに自己生成し供給する事が出来るようになります。



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LAIBAO Hi-Tech Co. and Sunpartner Technologies Partner to Manufacture Wysips(R) Crystal and Wysips(R) Glass Components


SHENZHEN, China, May 26, 2015 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

     The Chinese company Laibao Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., specialized in conductive

glass, LCD screens and touchscreens, and Sunpartner Technologies, creator of

the invisible photovoltaic film Wysips(R) and expert in solar NETs (New Energy

Technologies), have signed a partnership agreement. Starting in second quarter

2016, they will mass produce Wysips(R) Crystal components for the telephone and

smartwatch markets and Wysips(R) Glass smart glazing for the construction and

transport industries.

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    Wysips(R), developed by Sunpartner Technologies, are invisible photovoltaic

components that can turn any surface into a solar panel, able to generate

renewable energy from any light source with zero impact on design aesthetics.

    This powerful technology combines optical systems and photovoltaic cells in

a revolutionary way that makes them transparent and invisible to the naked eye.

Seamlessly integrated in a phone's screen, a watch, or glazing, Wysips(R)

creates its own perpetual energy reserves by producing electricity from ambient

light. This invisible PV component generates enough electricity to power the

device, with enough left over to power new features or nearby objects. For

example, Wysips(R) Crystal can provide most, and in some cases all, of the

energy needs of a mobile phone or wearable tech like a smartwatch. Wysips(R)

Glass can independently power windows' integral blinds, lighting, automated

shading systems, and automatic opening/closing systems-without connecting to

the grid.

    Today, the needs of Sunpartner Technologies' clients require large-scale

production starting in Q2 2016. To meet this strong demand, Sunpartner

Technologies approached Laibao Hi-Tech Co, whose expertise in high-tech glass

is complementary and whose experience in large-scale manufacturing is widely


    Specifically, this collaboration with Laibao Hi-Tech Co will ultimately

lead to the production of several million parts per year. This project may also

result in an industrial joint venture to supply screen, telephone, and

smartwatch makers, who would integrate Wysips(R) technology under license from

Sunpartner. Mass production is scheduled to begin by the second quarter of 2016.

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