KDDI's 3 Surprise Projects to 'Connect Hearts of People Living Apart' Together


TOKYO, Aug. 7 /Kyodo JBN/ --

KDDI Corporation

KDDI's 3 Surprise Projects to 'Connect Hearts of People Living Apart' Together

-KDDI Finally Releases Latest Project "SYNC DREAMS"; Special Classes for Children to Move Closer to Their Dreams -

KDDI Corporation, a major Japanese communications company, has released on YouTube and its website a video documenting a one-day special class hosted by KDDI. Called "SYNC DREAMS," the class is designed to connect the hearts of children striving toward the dreams they have written on Tanabata paper strips and those of their seniors who are active with the same dreams on their own while working alone abroad away from home.

Documentary movie "SYNC DREAMS"

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Highlights of "SYNC DREAMS" (Story)

The movie's highlights include scenes of children enthusiastically watching wonderful performances of their seniors who have made their dreams come true and have been active abroad, and children being surprised and impressed by various gimmicks (surprises) used in the class. Showing the highlights such as earnest exchanges between the children and their seniors and smiles children put on their faces when they move closer to their dreams, the video helps everyone share the magnificence of pursuing dreams.


Highlights of "SYNC DREAMS" (Technology)

-- Ballet

(1) 360-degree capture

When a dancer gives instructions to a girl, key points are shown through line animations on the screen. The girl thus learns more beautiful forms.


(2) Changing costumes (augmented reality = AR)

A magic mirror appears on the screen, projecting the girl's costumes. She can go through a magical experience of trying on various costumes.


-- Drums

(1) Drums lighting up

A boy's drums start lighting up in tandem with the beating of drums by his senior. The boy uses the light on each of his drums as a guide to learn how to play the drums.


(2) Session

Over the physical distance, the boy has a jam session with the teacher and the teacher's friends who are jazz musicians.

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Brief overview of "SYNC DREAMS"

-- Running time of the movie: 4 minutes, 55 seconds

-- Released: July 31, 2015 (Friday)

-- Official website:

-- YouTube:

-- About the project: "SYNC DREAMS" was released on July 31 as a culmination of"SYNC PROJECT" connecting the hearts of people living far apart through a life-sized video chat system. KDDI has previously released two projects: "SYNC DINNER" on December 24, 2014, which is designed to connect the hearts of a couple who were living far apart and unable to meet each other face-to-face on Christmas Eve, and "SYNC YELL" in the spring of 2015 which is aimed to connect the hearts of young people who came to Tokyo with dreams and those of their families and friends who saw them off in their hometowns.

What's Tanabata?

It is an annual event, or a star festival, held in Japan on the evening of July 7. There is a tradition to decorate bamboo trees with five-color paper strips bearing wishes of individuals.

About KDDI

KDDI Corporation, a comprehensive communications company, offers both fixed-line and mobile communications services and help to realize new seamless communications environments. KDDI strives to achieve the No. 1 ranking in customer satisfaction in every service area. KDDI will work continuously to enhance its business base to creative new value that is unique to KDDI. The company is headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Its CEO is Koji Tanaka.



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